June 2019

Group Name

“Group Name” is an additional field you can use to categorize and separate lines that belong to different deployments, customers, and/or locations. Input up to 50 characters with a general ledger code, or designate a region, or a customer name, or anything that helps you manage your business. Search, sort, and bill for excess usage by any group name, subscriber name or combination of both.

Service Ticket API

It’s always better to know that something is done rather than hoping it gets done. With CAMP™, you are empowered to manage your business your way and on your timeline. Now, when you need to make changes to your service, there’s no more chasing down a sales rep or customer care department. No more phone calls and unanswered emails.

CAMP™ has APIs that allow you to directly interface with T-Mobile systems and perform immediate line suspends, SIM swaps, number changes, line restores, and even port-in lines from other carriers. You can even create a Future Ticket that will execute at a later date, so set it and forget it! Now there is need to keep reminders in your calendar. Bulk Ticketing is also available on the BAN Subscriber Report. Sort by subscriber or group name and instantly suspend/restore service with a few clicks.

CAMP™ is all about simplicity of design. So whether you have T-Mobile lines or IoT lines, the interface is the same and the results are the same. Get it done quick, get it done right, and go find more opportunities to grow your business and succeed.

Service Ticket API

May 2019

Subscriber Management

Managing your mobility has never been so simple. Search, sort and change any subscriber line by any field in an instant. Save time by selecting single or multiple lines to perform easy bulk ticket changes.


Subscriber Comments

Comments are the best way to keep track of service appointments, device history, customer inquiries, or anything else your business needs. Comments are all searchable and downloadable in CSV and Excel.


Subscriber History

Now you can review the entire history of a subscriber line on one screen. Plan changes, name changes, comments, usage, tickets history…all at your fingertips. With CAMP™, you are empowered to get accurate info fast!