Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility ensures that employees have an always-on wireless service, so no matter their location they are always able to stay connected, efficient, and productive.

With more and more devices being used daily, businesses want an enterprise-grade network that allows employees to do their jobs from anywhere using a variety of devices and applications. For example an   employee may upload a presentation from their desktop PC to a cloud service and then access it from a personal tablet to present to  a client at a remote site.

Enterprise mobility is critical because it gives employees flexibility and choice, which can improve job satisfaction and increase productivity. American workers tend to spend increasingly more time out of the office. By 2018, 46% worked remotely on at least a part-time basis, according to a Gallup survey.

Enterprise mobility applications include tablets, smartphones, mobile PCs, mobile hot spots, gps tracking devices, and other devices that require wireless connectivity at all times. All types of industries are utilizing enterprise mobility to keep their employees connected including financial services, retail, insurance, healthcare, transportation, industrial and many more.

Choice IoT provides discounted and flexible  rate plans. Gain complete access and control through our proprietary carrier integrated  enterprise mobility platform,  to service your clients. We provide real time usage reports and alerts for international roaming and overage so you can reduce costs and increase profitability. By switching to Choice, mobility management companies, can save up 40% on their connectivity costs.

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Enterprise Mobility
Enterprise Mobility Security
Enterprise Mobility Platform

Our proprietary carrier integrated enterprise mobility  platform provides rapid provisioning, deployment and total control over wireless services and devices. Get insights into your wireless usage. Receive alerts on usage thresholds and international roaming to control costs 

Enterprise Mobility International Calling Plans


Our standard plans include voice, text, and 4G LTE data in USA, Mexico and Canada at no additional charge and free texting and unlimited data in more than 210 countries. There is no daily roaming charge. Pay only 20 cents/minute for voice calls when roaming,

Enterprise Mobility Data plans

With data usage varying from month-to-month, customers can take advantage of both unlimited and pooled LTE data choice. Plans include unlimited messaging, domestic data roaming, mobile hotspot options and much more.

Enterprise Mobility Network

For 18 quarters in a row, we’ve been America’s fastest 4G LTE network and were named the number one network in all groups in 2017 (according to Ookla and OpenSignal reports).

Enterprise Mobility JD Power Tmobile

J.D. Power recognized T-Mobile for its superior customer satisfaction with businesses of every size.

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