Whether you are looking to discover new opportunities across the supply chain or improve overall operational efficiency, we’ve got your back. At Choice Business Connections, we provide integrated IoT and M2M solutions for the transportation and logistics industry. Our services are designed to provide solution providers with real-time insights and information so that it becomes significantly easier to avoid hazards, set routes, manage schedules, deliver shipments, and ultimately service their customers better.

Understanding the Transportation & Logistics Industry

Today, transportation and logistics companies may have more goods that need to be delivered than ever before. In addition, they may need to find ways to fulfill those deliveries much more frequently and reliably. This means that the supply chain has to keep up. People and equipment, however, may make this task challenging because they are constantly on the move.

It is essential for transportation and logistics companies to maintain a reliable network so that remote workers can access real-time information even if they are thousands of miles away. This can be achieved by leveraging connected devices to track vehicles and materials. By doing this, businesses in the logistics or transportation verticals can uphold compliance with various regulations and mandates, become more cost-effective, and effectively plan their time.

Logistics and transportation companies across the globe have also become more focused on increasing supply chain efficiency so that they can increase profitability. To reach this level of performance, however, they need to make end-to-end improvements to enable complete visibility. With greater visibility, companies can quickly detect issues, reduce delays, do preventive maintenance as well as make more intelligent and timely decisions.

The federal government has even implemented mandates for distracted driving, fatigued driving, and many more concern areas that require the utilization of mobile technology to transmit real-time information regarding the health and status of vehicles, drivers, and shipments.

Fleet management, warehouse/yard management, and end to end visibility all require a reliable and fast wireless network for devices to assess, collect, and transmit data. This is where our innovative IoT, M2M, and Tablet plans come in handy. They are made for high data usage applications!


Our Areas of Expertise

Choice Business Connections provides top-notch wireless connectivity services and management solutions for a wide variety of industries, including the transportation and logistics industry, through the most reliable cloud-based carrier integrated platform. Below is a quick look at what we are good at:

  • Narrow-Band IoT (NB-IoT)
  • IoT & M2M
  • Mobile Internet & Data
  • Voice Services
  • International Calling & Data Plans
  • Failover
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • PTCRB Certification
  • CAMP™
  • Static IP

Benefits of Wireless Connectivity Solutions for the Transportation & Logistics Industry

Below is a non-exhaustive list of benefits that wireless connectivity solutions can unlock for the transportation and logistics industry:

  • Optimize warehouse operations: Business owners can easily track their goods from production to warehouse storage, as well as reduce risk of theft or missing goods. They can even pair location-based applications with our superior connectivity coverage to enable efficient asset tracking.
  • Efficient transportation system: Transportation and logistics technology solutions are designed to control costs and improve operational efficiencies by helping drivers choose better routes, streamline schedules, decrease waiting times, and reduce engine idling for more timely deliveries.
  • Enable food temperature and cold chain monitoring: Thanks to the combination of superior connectivity coverage and intelligent gateways, businesses can now continuously monitor temperature levels of perishable goods to maintain quality, even in rural locations!
  • Improve safety and compliance: Mandates around distracted driving and fatigued driving have been implemented that require the use of mobile smartphones, tablets, and tracking devices.
  • Reduce vehicle maintenance and downtime: GPS tracking devices are now connected to the vehicles electronic control module (ECM) to provide visibility into real-time diagnostic trouble codes. Identifying these codes in real-time reduce serious and catastrophic engine malfunctions before they occur.
  • Easily track all devices: Use our connectivity and management solution to easily track and mange devices by tagging individual units and grouping them into deployment categories.

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