Simplify IoT SIM Card Management with CAMP™

IoT Sim Cards are different from regular wireless carrier sim cards and designed specifically for IoT use cases. They are triple cut and fit most devices. They are also known as M2M Sims.

IoT solutions usually use data and it is critical for them to use IoT Sim cards to avoid interruption in service. Also IoT Sim Cards can be used to share data allotment across different devices to avoid overage charges. Buying off the shelf wireless Sim Cards can lead to interruption of service, lack of visibility and control and costly truck rolls. IoT Sim Cards have a longer life and durability.

Empower your business
with the
CAMP™ IoT Sim Cards & Connectivity -Management Platform

  • Lowest Priced Triple Cut IoT Sim Cards
  • Deploy and Integrate Your Solutions With Our Free Award-Winning IoT Platform, CAMP™
  • America’s Largest, Fastest, and Most Reliable 5G network
  • Gain Total Control & Visibility Over Your Deployments
  • Easily Control and Manage Data Usage
  • Custom IoT Data Plans for your use case
  • Usage Alerts on Individual Lines and Pools to Avoid Overage Charges
  • Detailed Signal Strength and Services Available Before Deployment
  • Device Change Alert and Device Change Lock  to Avoid Theft of Services
  • Remote Device and Network Query to Troubleshoot and Prevent Truck Rolls
  • Remote Network Reset to Fix Most Device Connectivity Issues
  • Reduce The Time  spent on Connectivity Management by at least 50%. Let us show you how
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