IoT Wireless Connectivity Services

Benefits Of Working With An IoT Connectivity Partner

1. Increase Revenue Streams

Increasingly solution providers are turning to wireless connectivity to send and receive data from their device deployments. Choice offers the lowest rates on wireless data connectivity. Solutions providers can bundle them into products or use as a stand-alone offering to connect  their devices. Lower your connectivity costs, increase reliability and control to increase your profitability.

2. Flexible & Custom IoT Rate Plans

Choice IoT offers flexible iot data plans for solution providers. Choose from our standard data plans or customize an iot data plan best suited to your needs. We offer the lowest connectivity rates in the industry to help our partners reduce wireless costs and maximize profitability .In addition we offer discounted iot sim cards on  all plans over $5/month. We offer rate plans starting at 75 cents/month for low usage to unlimited data usage plans.

3. Wireless Connectivity & Management Software

With Choice IoT, partners gain free access to CAMP™, a proprietary cloud based wireless connectivity and management platform. Solution providers can easily manage wireless services for their customers. Leverage real-time monitoring of devices and data usage for smart decision making and cost control. Download data usage and overages to re bill your customers.  Instantly activate, suspend and restore multiple lines with the click of a few buttons. Tag your deployments with subscriber names and group them for usage analysis and billing. Create internal notes or tickets with time, date and user stamp to have complete visibility and control. Know who in your organization did what,when and at what time. Access CAMP™  from mobile, desktop or your computer. We put control back in your hands 24/7, 365 days a year from anywhere, anyplace and anytime.

5. Access to Additional Services

Not only can solution providers deliver and manage iot services, but Choice IoT offers additional connectivity services to help you to continue to add value to your offerings. Take advantage of our wide range of wholesale plans to target businesses for their voice, data and sms connectivity needs and increase your revenue stream. Sell additional services to your existing accounts and increase your profitability!

6. A Strategic Partner Dedicated To Your Success

Time and effort are wasted when researching, testing, and managing multiple vendors for different data services. Solutions providers can reduce costs and save time by working with a single iot connectivity partner, that understands their business and delivers quality service for all of their data,voice and sms needs. Rapidly deploy and scale your solution with CAMP™ , our cloud based  wireless connectivity and management portal. Launch and monetize IoT solutions anywhere in the world with our low international data rates.

Make Choice IoT your wireless connectivity partner!

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