HD Fleet’s fleet dash cams help you run a safer and more efficient fleet by detecting and preventing distracted / drowsy driving including texting while driving – the #1 cause of vehicle collisions on the road in America today.
HD Fleet

With the ability to manage your fleet using FULL GPS and driver video (including interior / exterior live video feeds), HD Fleet’s AI dash cams can reduce overall fleet costs including fuel and maintenance expenses while also exonerating your drivers from accident liability and potentially saving your business MILLIONS in legal fees. Add to this insurance savings of up to 10% or more and you have system that easily pays for itself while improving your bottom line.

Features include:

  • Crystal clear 1080p Live Streams and Recording w/ audio
  • Driver-side, road facing and exterior cameras for full vehicle visibility 
  • All footage stored on the cloud and searchable by date, trip, vehicle, driver and more
  • Instant notification of vehicle accidents the moment they happen along with video footage of the event
  • Full location reporting including GPS, posted speed alerts and other driver events, hard-braking notification, detailed fuel / idle engine reports and more!