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There are so many options for connectivity nowadays, whether you are connecting a phone, tablet, telematics device… the list goes on.

Choice Business Connections offers stand-alone and/or pooled plans for Voice, Data, IoT, and M2M solutions, that operate on America’s fastest growing 4G LTE Network.

Your wireless solution starts here.

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In a world of rapidly advancing technology and communication tools, why limit yourself or your customers? Our Voice Services offer unlimited voice, messaging, and high-speed data service, plus a variety of additional benefits for business customers. Available features include international benefits, unlimited domestic data roaming, and much more.


Does your business use the exact same amount of data every month? No… probably not. Our Data Services offer Unlimited LTE and Pooled LTE data options. Plans operate on America’s fastest growing 4G LTE Network. Plans include unlimited messaging, domestic data roaming, mobile hotspot options, and much more.


If you’re tired of paying for data allowances that don’t fit the usage of your specific business model or application, Choice can help! Our Machine to Machine Plans offer unlimited data for devices and machines that require a cellular connection to transmit data to other machines. Work with our team to customize an IoT data plan for specialized and specific industry applications.

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