CAMP™ IoT Platform

Simplify wireless management with the CAMP™ IoT platform, providing partners transparency and control of their entire wireless ecosystem.

CAMP™ allows wireless dealers to easily manage instant activations, suspends, restores, SIM swaps and number change requests between Choice Business Connections and the carrier on one seamless IoT platform.

Simplified Wireless Management

Available on smartphones and/or tablets, CAMP™ is optimized for a mobile-friendly experience and updates usage information every 15 minutes for real-time alerts, analytics, and billing on the go.

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CAMP IoT Platform Wireless Management
CAMP™ IoT Platform SIM Activation

CAMP™ allows users to activate multiple SIMs in a single transaction. Activations can be completed using the software, uploading a CSV, barcode scanner or by invoice.

CAMP™ IoT Platform Carrier API
Carrier API

Manage instant activations, suspends, restores, SIM swaps and number change requests between Choice and the carrier. Usage information is updated every 15 minutes to provide real-time alerts, analytics, and billing.

CAMP™ IoT Platform BAN Management Software
BAN Management

Manage multiple BANs, rate plans and features through our management software. Toggle between rate plans to view plan details, dependencies, pricing and SOC compatibility. Request a new BAN with the click of a button.

CAMP™ IoT Platform Ticketing

The CAMP™ Ticketing system allows SIM swaps, number changes, port requests, suspends, static IP, restores and plan changes. Create Future Tickets in advance to stay ahead of customer trends and avoid costly errors.

CAMP™ IoT Platform SIM Transfer
Transfer SIMs

SIMs ordered from Choice are preloaded into CAMP™ for quick access to SIM inventory management and activations. Dealers can transfer SIM inventory across accounts.

CAMP™ IoT Platform Alerts

Receive email Alerts on usage, activation requests, activation confirmation, international usage, tickets and future tickets. Future Ticket Alerts are sent two days before to allow for any necessary adjustments prior to completion.

CAMP™ IoT Platform Mobile Coverage
Coverage Check

Link to the Carrier’s coverage check tool to validate connectivity prior to activation. View coverage levels and availability by zip code, address or search a specific location.

CAMP™ IoT Platform User Management Software
User Management

Create new Users and access all of the streamlined features of CAMP™. User Management Controls coming soon.

CAMP™ IoT Platform Mobile-Friendly

CAMP™ is optimized for a mobile-friendly experience with access to all functions available on a smartphone and/or tablet. Manage your connectivity on-the-go from your smartphone or tablet through CAMP™.

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