IoT & M2M

Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) connectivity is utilized in wireless devices and machines as the communication conduit that allows them to share data back and forth.

IoT and M2M connectivity applications include sensors, smartphones, tablet computers, laptops, GPS tracking devices, and many more mobile devices…the list continues to grow. The industries that are automating systems and communication through IoT include transportation, healthcare, retail, hospitality, financial services, technology, oil and gas, industrial and smart cities. However, IoT solutions continue to gain traction across all industries.

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IoT M2M connectivity management
Connectivity Management

CAMP™software to manage SIM deployments with real-time activation, ticketing, alerts, and reporting through direct carrier APIs.

IoT M2M SIM rapid deployment
Rapid Deployment

Streamline deployments with CAMP™ SIM inventory management, account profiles, and future ticketing to stay ahead of schedule.

IoT M2M Security Choice Public Static IP

Choice Public Static IP for enhanced security and fixed IP address assignment to devices in the field.

IoT M2M Analysis
Intelligent Data Analysis

Review, optimize, and analyze real-time usage from connected devices through CAMP™ alerts and  data analysis.

IoT M2M white label market connectivity
White Label

Market connectivity as your own and increase your bottom-line with white label rate plans and connectivity options.

IoT M2M Network N-IoT

NB-IoT for extended battery life, CAT-1 for efficient power bands, 4G LTE for coverage and speed, and soon 5G LTE across multiple bands.

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