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Wireless Voice connectivity allows users to conduct phone calls over cellular networks.

Voice calls can be made over a number of different cellular technologies depending on the wireless network and device being utilized. Voice over LTE (VOLTE) is commonly used nowadays due to the rapid network upgrades and enhancements to cellular networks data infrastructure. If you have heard of voice over internet protocol (VOIP), the technology behind VOLTE is somewhat similar except the transmission is being made over a cellular LTE network (VOLTE) rather than a WiFi connection (VOIP).

Many devices can make Voice calls over standard network technologies (2G/3G/UMTS) or even VOLTE calls, including smartphones, tablets, ruggedized devices, and many more 3rd party options; the list has grown tremendously throughout the evolution of wireless networks. Although the need for Mobile Internet and IoT has grown rapidly, every industry still utilizes Voice connectivity to stay connected to their employees and customers, including Transportation, Healthcare, Retail, Insurance, and many more.

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Wireless Voice Plans
International Voice Plans

Our standard plans include voice, text, and 4G LTE data in Mexico and Canada at no additional charge. Our International plans offer texting and unlimited data in over 210 countries and destinations.

Voice Solutions

Businesses can benefit from unlimited voice, messaging and high-speed data services, plus a variety of additional benefits. Features include international calling, unlimited domestic data roaming and more.

Voice Plan Analytics

Review, optimize, and analyze real-time usage from connected devices through CAMP alerts and BAN Management features.

Voice Plans Network

More than 325 million customers rely on our network which covers 2.2 million square miles and 99 percent of the US population.

Voice Plans JD Power T-Mobile Customer Satisfaction

J.D. Power recognized T-Mobile for its superior customer satisfaction with businesses of every size.

Voice Plans Business Support

Business support is available day or night giving you answers when you need them.

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