M2M Plans & Pricing:

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Solution Providers are increasingly turning to wireless connectivity to communicate between machines to transmit data. Our M2M plans and pricing are a popular choice for M2M communications. M2M plans are most popular when you have to transmit small data packets and not worry about overage charges. Examples are wireless POS, parking meters , sensors and more. We make the internet of things work smoothly. Request a test sim for free. Work with a Choice IoT consultant to customize an M2M data plan that fits your unique needs. For lower data usage plans refer to our IoT plans

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M2M Plans & Pricing :

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M2M Plans & Pricing :  


M2M Plans: Credit approval or Prepayment required, taxes not included. Plans are voice-barred. M2M Plans data speeds are throttled to 128kbps or 512kbps depending on plan. Texting included on select plans. 500MB Plan: Plan includes 500MB of high-speed data, data is capped after 500MB is used. Bucket of 500SMS included, MMS is not available. Tethering and Mobile Hotspot not available.