M2M Plans & Pricing:

M2M Data Plans & Pricing :

Advantages of using Choice Business Connections:

  • No long term contracts or volume commitments to get the lowest rates in the industry.
  • Free M2M Sim Cards.
  • Over 100 years of combined wireless industry experience in sales, support and engineering to help you grow.
  • Free use of our award winning M2M platform so you can manage , scale and monetize your solutions.

We offer Flexible M2M Plans & Pricing, so you can minimize the cost of connectivity. 

Wireless Connectivity & M2M:

Solution Providers are increasingly turning to wireless connectivity to communicate between machines to transmit data. Our M2M plans and pricing are a popular choice for M2M communications. CAMP our M2M connectivity and management platform, lets you tag devices by name, group them by deployment for usage and billing and customize alerts around your particular groups. The platform is available to you at no cost to empower solution providers, by adding visibility among their different deployments and allows them to  bill for overage charges. M2M plans are most popular when you have to transmit small data packets but dont want to worry about overage. Examples are wireless POS, parking meters , sensors and more. Quickly launch, manage and monetize your M2M solutions!

We make the internet of things work smoothly. Request a test sim for free. Work with a Choice Business Connections consultant to customize an M2M data plan that fits your unique needs. For lower data usage plans refer to our IoT plans. For higher usage & unlimited data plans refer to our Mobile Internet plans.

m2m Plans

M2M Plans & Pricing : Free M2M Sim Cards

M2M Plan Description

Monthly Price

M2M Unlimited Data (128kbps speeds)$5.00
M2M Unlimited Data with Text (128kbps speeds)$5.00
M2M Unlimited Data with Text (512kbps speeds)$10.00
500MB High Speed Data with Text. Hard Stop $5.00

M2M Plans & Pricing :  


Plan Description

Monthly Price

M2M Unlimited
(128kbps speeds)
M2M Unlimited with Text
(128kbps speeds)
M2M Unlimited with Text
(512kbps speeds)
500MB with Text ( High Speed)$5.00

M2M Plans: Credit approval or Prepayment required, taxes not included. Plans are voice-barred. M2M Plans data speeds are throttled to 128kbps or 512kbps depending on plan. Texting included on select plans. 500MB Plan: Plan includes 500MB of high-speed data, data is capped after 500MB is used. Bucket of 500SMS included, MMS is not available. Tethering and Mobile Hotspot not available.