Mobile Internet Data Plans

Choice IoT offers flexible Mobile Internet Data/ Mobile Broadband Plans. Applications that utilize these plans include healthcare, transportation, hot spot providers, businesses for their employees and wireless data providers in rural areas among others. You can use these plans for any service provided to businesses in any industry. We offer plans without data caps and data limits. Plans start as low as $10 a month and go up to $25 for Unlimited Tablet plans for solutions that require unlimited LTE data. Some plans include Unlimited texting in 140 countries. Choose from Unlimited or Pooled options designed for tablets, hot spots, or other data devices that require high bandwidth. Each of our Mobile Internet Data/ Mobile Broadband Plans include:

  • Free SIMs
  • 4G LTE Data
  • Unlimited Messaging
  • Mobile Hotspot
  • Unlimited International Texting
  • Canada & Mexico Roaming Included
  • Music Streaming Included
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Overage Free Mobile Internet Plans:

Plan Description

Monthly Price

2GB Overage Free$10.00
6GB Overage Free$25.00
10GB Overage Free$40.00
14GB Overage Free$55.00
18GB Overage Free$70.00
22GB Overage Free$85.00

Pooled Mobile Internet Data Plans:

Plan Description

Monthly Price

2GB Pooled$10.00
6GB Pooled$25.00
10GB Pooled$40.00
14GB Pooled$55.00
30GB Pooled$125.00
100GB Pooled$415.00
500GB Pooled$1,990.00
1TB Pooled$3,740.00

Unlimited One : Internet Data Plan for Tablets: $25/Month

Unlimited 4G LTE data on your tablet- Unlimited 4G Internet.

Unlimited texting

Hd video streaming

Stream unlimited music

Texting & data (at up to 128 kbps) abroad in 140+ countries & destinations

Unlimited texting in Mexico & Canada, plus up to 5GB of 4G LTE data

Mobile Hotspot data

Tablet Plan


Unlimited ONE For Tablets$25.00

Choice IoT, the best suitable place to establish wireless connectivity!

The Internet of Things is transforming rapidly, as enterprises need use it to increase efficiencies and competitiveness across different industries. When you need to connect all devices and exchange data, it is possible only with the help of IoT technology. This technology is evolving so exponentially that now instead of the “Internet of things” industry experts are referring to it as the “Intelligence of things”. However, the connectivity makes it possible to deploy IoT. Choice IoT offers you the best wireless connectivity & management platform to reduce wireless costs and increase efficiency. We work in different areas like the lowest IoT, M2M, Data, SMS, NB-IoT, and voice plans which operate on the higher end technology like the 4G LTE and the largest 5G network in America.

Choice IOT has years of expertise in IoT, M2M, NB-IoT and various wireless technologies. We help our clients connect varied solutions and realize the available possibilities in the new technologies. Our connectivity solutions are deployed in devices serving different industries, like data center, industrial, security, healthcare, video security, transportation, financial, retail and manufacturing.

Our Values

  • We add innovation to the connectivity technologies: We apply some creative, practical solutions for the customers with our knowledge in wireless connectivity. Our solutions will help you to create a product or service with the right custom plan to suit your solution.
  • We are highly customer focused: We are customer-oriented and aspire to offer the best wireless solution for the needs of the customers. We listen to their needs and bring out the right wireless solution.
  • No lag in the communication: We believe that the needs of the clients will differ from one another. So, we can initially discuss the needs and choose the results that deliver the most suitable service. Further, we also discuss with the technical team of your organization to ensure the best customer experience.
  • We do not compromise in the quality: Our combined 100 years of wireless experience ensures that you receive the best enterprise grade support.
  • How can our services help you?
  • It is completely free from errors. You never have to worry if you have provisioned the right plan with the right features.
  • Ones you set it, you can forget it completely and you need to think of it. e run daily audits to make sure that you are on the right plan with the right features.
  • We offer you round the clock service and so you can contact us at any time to fulfill your needs.
  • You will not have any unforeseen international charges
  • You can always know where your devices are deployed.

How affordable can our services be?

Cost is one of the most important factors that you need to consider when you are opting for a new plan. At Choice IoT, we offer wireless plans for Data, IoT, Voice, NB-IoT, and M2M solutions. Pooled plans are high-speed LTE plans which will help you minimize overage charges. We will also offer you customized plans that can be flexible for your business needs and budget. So, you need not pay any additional costs, also you do not need to pay for services you don’t need or use.

There are separate plans for Internet, Voice, M2M, & IoT. Our experts will review your needs and ensure you are paying the lowest for the services you need .Visit us now!

In this fast-growing business world, it is not possible to survive or thrive without the help of the internet. However, there are lots of plans and charges that you need to pay for availing internet services. Choice IoT is the most suitable and the top-ranking company that will offer you the most beneficial service for wireless connectivity. We shall discuss with your needs and you receive the best service at the lowest cost. So, contact us and request a free evaluation and demonstration of our award winning wireless connectivity & management platform – CAMP. Spend less time managing your business and more time growing it.

Mobile Internet Service: Credit approval or Prepayment required, taxes not included, plans are voice barred. Overage Free Plans: Full speeds available up to monthly allotment, including tethering; then slowed to up to 2G speeds for rest of billing cycle. Pooled Plans: Overage is $5 per GB for data over their pool allotment. Unlimited ONE Tablet Plan: Unlimited 3G Smartphone Mobile Hotspot included, for Tablets only.