Choice IoT To Feature At LA’s Largest Startup Event

Tech Day Post-jpgTechDay is one of the premier start-up events in LA and this year, it will be on the 26th of September at the Reef. The event brings together thousands of participants from all over the world. Start-ups get the opportunity to interact with investors and hopefully be able to scale up their companies. Apart from start-ups, TechDay also attracts many established companies look to stay ahead of the curve and to learn about the changes happening in the industry. This year, Choice IoT will be participating at TechDay. In this post, we’ll share more about TechDay and what Choice IoT’s participation means for you and your organization.

What is TechDay?

The idea behind TechDay is to give start-ups a platform to showcase themselves to potential investors, users and the public in general. When you are starting a company, it can be very difficult to get your name out in the world, or even meet the right people. Marketing budgets are expensive and start-up companies typically battle to keep their heads above the water and can ill afford marketing expenses. For this reason, a platform that allows a start-up to showcase its products to the world, either directly or through the media is welcome. The event also helps start-ups discover other start-ups that they can partner with to help in their growth,

TechDay was started in 2012 and since then, has seen hundreds of start-ups get funding from investors that they met during the event. Some of the industries that are represented this year at the event include music and media; hardware and IoT; E-Commerce; health and fitness among many others.

Here are some statistics of the LA event this coming September:

  • 250 start-ups will exhibit.
  • 7500 Registered attendees
  • 15 Accelerators
  • 10 Influential partners

Choice IoT’s Participation

Choice IoT is at the fore of helping companies increase their efficiency and grow their revenues. We do this by focusing on the company’s connectivity problems and bringing our expertise to the table in order to offer solutions. We are an Authorized Nationwide T-Mobile Master Dealer and this allows us to leverage the power of America’s fastest-growing network to your advantage. As a start-up, it is important to focus on your core business but this cannot be done at the expense of connectivity. By bringing us on board, we are able to offer you voice, data and many other solutions to keep your start-up company running efficiently. You can count on us to offer your start-up or established company solutions that are transparent and cost-effective. Our participation at this year’s TechDay is an affirmation to our spirit of working with organizations of all sizes and across different industries to offer amazing connectivity solutions.

Visit Our Stand at LA’s TechDay

Want to learn more about how we can help your organization grow? Visit our stand at the LA TechDay event and talk to our experts about our connectivity solutions. You can also reach out to us and we will promptly get in touch with you.