IoT Solution

IoT & M2M Communication–  IoT connectivity and management services that help IoT solution providers launch, manage and monetize their solutions. We offer cost-effective and intuitive IoT solutions to manage and activate cellular-connected devices with ease. Our services have made us the premier provider of M2M data plans.

IoT Connectivity

IoT & M2M Connectivity :

There are many ways IoT & M2M devices can communicate with each other and a central hub to exchange and process information and commands.

1. Local Area Networks.
2. Wide Area Networks (WAN)
3. The Internet
4. Power Line Communication
5. Mesh Networks
6. WiMax Networks
7. Satellite Networks
8. Cellular/Mobile Networks

Devices that are remote and or moving require Cellular/Mobile Networks. Cellular/Wireless transmission is also used in devices in a fixed location as a back up to internet connections. (Internet Failover) M2M communication can ensure you always have a connection.

IoT and M2M  Communication

IoT and M2M communication applications include sensors, smartphones, tablet computers, laptops, GPS tracking devices and mobile devices, The list for M2M communication applications continues to grow. The industries that are automating systems and communication through IoT include transportation, healthcare, retail, hospitality, financial services, technology, oil and gas, industrial and smart cities. A lot of the devices are remote and require a cellular network to communicate and exchange data and commands.

IoT in Industry :

IoT solutions continue to gain traction across all industries. Industry estimates show IoT deployments will grow to 25 billion by 2025. It is critical to choose the right connectivity partner and platform to scale the deployment of your IoT devices and monitor and analyze the data. CAMP our proprietary wireless IoT connectivity and management platform has been designed for this.

Choice IoT offers the best in class wireless/cellular IoT & M2M Connectivity services. Connect your solutions and devices on the Nation’s Largest 4G LTE & 5G Network. Use our over 50 years of wireless connectivity expertise. We can guide you with chipset /module selection to ensure that your solution is approved on the carrier network. We help you source existing approved device/solution to speed up time to market.

M2M SIM Cards

Get the lowest rates on M2M SIM cards and data plans to connect your IoT devices without any volume commitments. Customize your plan so you only pay for data you need. Use our Free IoT SIM to test your device and data transmission on the carrier network to determine what data transmission speed and plan is right for you. Avoid lengthy carrier negotiations and long wait times to launch your solution.

Get the best IoT Data plans and an Instant Launch Pad to bring your solution to market. No matter how big or small your deployments are, we at Choice IoT offer you the same high level of service and attention that you should expect from your wireless connectivity partner. No need to sign large volume contracts to receive the best pricing. Choice IoT will set up automatic pricing tiers for you so as you grow and scale you receive additional savings.

Choice IoT Services

Leave your IoT Wireless Connectivity & Management to us, so that you can focus on growing your sales and increasing your profitability.

Advantages of partnering with Choice IoT for M2M data plans:

  • Lowest Priced Triple Cut IoT Sim Cards.
  • Transparent and Automatic Pricing Tiers.
  • Total Control & Visibility Over Your IoT Devices.
  • Easily Control and Manage/Cap Data Usage.
  • Custom IoT Data Plans for your use case.
  • Usage Alerts on Individual Lines and Pools to Avoid Overage Charges.
  • Detailed Signal Strength and Services Available Before Deployment.
  • Device Change Alert and Device Change Lock  to Avoid Theft of Services.
  • Remote Device and Network Query to Troubleshoot and Prevent Truck Rolls
  • Remote Network Reset to Fix Most Device Connectivity Issues. Reduce Time  spent on Connectivity & Management.
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