IoT & M2M for Energy & Utilities :

Simplifying IoT Connectivity for Energy & Utilities

The opportunities for IoT & M2M solution providers for Energy & Utilities are boundless, as worldwide demand soars for smarter energy delivery and mindful consumption. Choice IoT has the experience and the award-winning CAMP™ platform that empowers IoT Solution Providers to offer the best connectivity, simply managed deployment, while increasing profitability.

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Smart Meters: Smart meters enable automatic meter reading for consumers and companies both, monitoring electricity consumption in real-time. Smart meters can also alert the Utility when a power outage occurs. Eliminate manual meter readings errors, reduce consumer bills by providing access to real-time usage data to enhance efficiency.

Smart Power Grid: Offers real-time data that help utility providers distribute based on consumption, allowing for adjusting distribution on demand.

Pressure and Quality Monitoring: With connected IoT sensors, continuous monitoring of the water distribution system can be achieved. Monitoring of pressure levels at all the time also monitors the quality of pipeline and get notified and address leaks before them becoming costly main breaks.

Remote Valve Control: Using bidirectional, low-latency IoT connectivity with connected Smart Valves, one can disconnect or limit water flow to an end customer remotely, saving countless truck rolls.

Leaks and Power Loss Detection: The IoT solution helps to identify electric power diversion or power losses based on real-time, continuous, and localized analysis of changes in electric current flows and voltage levels in the distribution network.

Use our Award Winning Connectivity & Management Platform – CAMP™ to take charge of your IoT devices and connectivity

Choice IoT Advantage :

Choice IoT provides custom IoT plans for Energy & Utilities applications that simplify your deployments and maximize your bottom line. Get all your connectivity needs with whatever transmission technology your devices use:

Choice IoT also provides:

  • Carrier Certification Assistance
  • CAMP™, award-winning connectivity management platform
  • Private APN

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