Simplifying IoT Connectivity for Retail/POS

Retail Wireless Connectivity for POS :

The evolution of IoT into Retail will be required to keep both traffic and profits flowing. The emergence of new forms of Retail experience demand customer choice in how they shop, pay and interact with their favorite stores and brands. Choice IoT has the experience and the award-winning CAMP™ platform that empowers IoT Solution Providers to offer the best connectivity, simply managed deployment, while increasing profitability.

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Smart Store: Monitoring store traffic and customer demand in real-time allows Retailers to customize the in-store shopping experience. Smart Stores use video or Wi-Fi foot-traffic monitoring to see if customers dwell over a product area to customize the shopping experience.

Connected consumer: With IoT, customers can check in-store pricing and local inventory levels from their mobile devices. Retailers can provide a customized best-price offer in real-time or provide location-based services right in the store.

Warehouse fulfilment: Retailers monitor sales opportunities in real-time and track missed in-store sales, taking supply and demand planning to the next level. Smart warehouses filled with automation processes and intelligent robots can self-organize based on real-time demand.

POS Failover: Internet connection continuity allows Point-of-Sale systems to be redundant and fail-proof. In the event of a connection failure on the primary network, the cellular backhaul takes over, keeping critical applications and POS terminals running, and sales continuing.

Digital Signage: Utilized in shopping malls for years, now expanding digital signage helps customers navigate around stores, and allow brands to advertise products, making it a hassle-free, targeted and pleasant shopping experience for customers.

Choice IoT provides custom IoT plans for Retail/POS applications that simplify your deployments and maximize your bottom line. Get all your connectivity needs with whatever transmission technology your devices use:

  • 4G LTE
  • 5G
  • Narrow-Band IoT (NB-IoT)
  • CAT M1

Choice IoT also provides:

  • Carrier Certification Assistance
  • CAMP™, award-winning connectivity management platform to remotely manage and troubleshoot your devices.
  • Private APN

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