Why Partnership with Choice is profitable?

Need help finding a partnership program that’s right for you? Check out these partnership programs that are currently available at Choice IoT Inc! As a Master Agent for T-Mobile we offer various types of partnerships to help grow your business and increase revenue.

Our outstanding reputation is due to the work of more than 150 dedicated professionals whose sole responsibility is the growth and financial success of our contracted dealers. Partner with Choice to earn high commission and residuals.

Join the Choice family and let us assist in guiding your financial success in the world of mobility. We believe success breeds success, and Your Success is Our Business!

Learn more about our partnerships for IoT, Solutions Providers, B2B Network Agents, and T-Mobile Referral Program:

Dealer Program
Wholesale Program
Affiliate Agent
Sell-With Partner
Referral Partner

Why choose Choice as your partner

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As a Master Agent for T-Mobile Choice gets you access to the lowest connectivity rates in the industry for Voice, Data, IoT, and M2M that operate on America’s fastest growing 4G LTE network.

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Lucrative compensation programs tailored for all Partnership models, whether you are looking to reduce your wireless costs or capitalize on your connectivity.

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Enterprise-Level support in Sales, Engineering, Support, and Customer Service with extensive industry tenure across all vertical markets.

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Proprietary web-based connectivity management software CAMP™ with direct Carrier APIs offering real-time activations, usage, ticketing, and much more.

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America’s fastest 4G LTE network for 18 straight quarters and the number one network across all categories in 2017.
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Enterprise Mobility Programs keep B2B customers connected via smartphones, tablets and more. M2M and IoT connectivity options for Solution Providers access 3rd-Party devices from the Sell-With Network, and enhanced security options with Static IP.

Our Product and Service Offerings

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Keep business moving through comprehensive IoT, M2M, Data, and Voice plans at the lowest rates in the industry.

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Smartphones, tablets, and many more wireless tools that keep your customers connected, reducing operation costs, and increasing productivity.

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Take advantage of unique hardware and software offerings available through our solution providers and partner network, to help you service your customers and increase your service offerings.

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Enjoy complete freedom while traveling abroad and eliminate the guesswork on international charges. Texting and unlimited data in more than 210 countries; unlimited talk and text in Canada and Mexico.

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All voice, data and IoT services combined with CAMP™, our Cloud based management software are designed to help you efficiently manage corporate mobility and reduce connectivity costs. We ensure you are always paying the least for wireless connectivity.

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Mobile Device Management platforms for easy implementation and management of Enterprise Mobility Programs. Whether you need enhanced security, remote access, or a VPN connection, leveraging a Static IP provides unparalleled functionality towards achieving sound infrastructure practices.

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Become a Dealer

As a Choice Dealer you’ll resell America’s fastest growing 4G LTE network. With access to IoT, M2M, Data, and Voice connectivity at the lowest rates in the industry, you’ll enhance your existing product and solution offering. Solution/IoT providers can increase speed and ease of deployments, reduce wireless costs, and gain total control and visibility over their wireless connectivity. Make this your competitive advantage against competing solutions! Sell wireless connectivity as a stand-alone offering to businesses of any size; small, medium, or enterprise-level. After all, in a world where wireless connectivity is needed, why not get the best rates!

Become a Dealer
Wholesaler partner

Wholesale Program

As a Choice wholesaler, you gain access to the lowest IoT, M2M, Mobile Internet & Data, and Voice plans for both specialized and specific industry applications. Your business will earn more by setting your own end-user pricing and taking advantage of the most competitive rates in the industry on America’s fastest growing 4G LTE network. Get free co branding on our website. White label platform available.

Become a Wholesaler
affiliate agent

Become an Affiliate Agent

As an Affiliate Agent with Choice, you’ll represent T-Mobile’s corporate wireless programs including smartphones, tablets, and wireless services, directly to businesses. Agents enjoy a no-risk business with endless prospects and unlimited earning potential. T-Mobile offers competitive rates on America’s fastest growing 4G LTE network.

Become an Agent
Sell-With Partner

Become a Sell-With Partner

Becoming a Sell-With Partner opens a door to major opportunities for your unique hardware or software solutions. Your solutions are represented by Choice IoT and the T-Mobile direct sales team granting you access to a nationwide sales force to represent your company’s solution.

Our team activates the wireless rate plans for your unique solution providing you with coverage on the nation’s fastest-growing 4G LTE network. The Sell-With Partnership is a branding opportunity that solution providers don’t want to miss out on.

Become an Partner
Referral partner

Become a Referral Partner

The Referral Program is designed for Partners that work within the wireless, mobility, and/or IoT industry and want to register business leads interested in our services. Once the lead is registered to Choice, your job is finished. Referral Partners receive a referral bonus and residuals for  each line the account activates and keeps in service. Our team of Solution consultants will ensure each registered lead is qualified and supported properly.

Become a Partner
Become a Supplier

Become a Supplier

Are you a hardware manufacturer, software developer, or solutions provider interested in having us source your products? Then the Supplier Program is for you.

We’re always looking for efficient, sustainable companies to deliver quality, high-value products and services that help fix customer pain points. Our Third-Parties (vendors, suppliers, dealers, subcontractors, and business partners) are valued extensions of our business and it is important that you share our goals. We are committed to compliance and ethical conduct in our business relationships, and we expect our Third-Parties to share that commitment.

Become a Supplier