A smart city utilizes technology and data to improve the lives of citizens and businesses that inhabit it. These technologies use the Internet of Things (IoT). They are designed to help increase  quality of life, encourage business development, increase cost savings and improve public safety. Choice IoT has been partnering with solution providers to provide  wireless connectivity services that deliver cost savings.

IoT and M2M Connectivity for Smart Cities

IoT and M2M connectivity for Smart Cities are designed to increase economic development, citizen satisfaction, sustainability, and public safety. The goal is to enable improvements across key areas of infrastructure,  environment, security, parking, lighting, transit, pollution and disaster response. To create safer communities, improve communication and enhance public services, cities are using advanced IoT wireless solutions.

Cities are using technology sensors to report outages in traffic lights, monitor traffic, water main breaks, chemical leaks and more. They are also able to identify and quickly dispatch repair crews to handle utility outages.  IoT solutions are assisting law enforcement in improving response time to emergencies. Citizens safety is also being improved with the use of 4G LTE surveillance technology.

All these solutions provide real-time data by utilizing devices  that transmit data and analytics over a 4G LTE wireless network. Since our inception we have been partnering with solution providers across the country to help connect smart city solutions that deliver long-lasting benefits. Muti-WAN wireless routers help extend network on streets, roadways, remote offices, and more. Smart meters coupled with IoT connectivity on 4G LTE networks reduces the time and overhead to monitor pollution traffic and more. The vast expansion of 4G LTE networks has made it cost-effective to maintain access to wireless internet broadband. They can also provide these services for residents.

This is where Choice IoT comes in. We help solution providers connect their solutions and devices using IoT and M2M wireless plans. This helps them gather vital data on water supplies, pollution, infrastructure, and traffic. Our clients can then utilize this data to reduce their customer’s environmental footprint. They can build more efficient buildings, improve road conditions, prevent accidents, improve disaster recovery, and deliver more reliable public transportation services.

Our Areas of Expertise

Choice IoT provides top-notch wireless connectivity services & management solutions for a wide variety of industries, including smart cities, through the most reliable cloud-based carrier integrated platform. Below is a quick look at what we are good at:

  • Narrow-Band IoT (NB-IoT)
  • IoT & M2M
  • Mobile Internet & Data
  • Voice Services
  • International Calling & Data Plans
  • Failover
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • PTCRB Certification
  • CAMP™
  • Static IP

Benefits of Wireless Connectivity Solutions for Smart Cities

Below is a list of some of the benefits that wireless connectivity solutions can unlock for smart cities:

  • Real-time structural monitoring: Clients can monitor structural elements in real-time and improve infrastructure planning processes. In addition, they can reduce the number of manual inspections, which tend to incur costs.
  • Sound water supply management: IoT enabled irrigation controllers allow our clients to control and/or monitor watering systems, make remote adjustments, and detect leaks. This helps achieve sustainability goals due to reduced water wastage.
  • Increase public safety: Individual lamp posts in the city can be transformed into law enforcement’s eyes and ears to enhance citizen safety. They can also address problems with greater speed and scale.
  • Reduce overhead: Smart meters and monitoring devices connected to a 4G LTE network provide real-time analytics into end-user usage and billing details.
  • Easy to deploy: Mobile broadband solutions are more available at a cost-effective price-point and can scale with the expansion of 4G LTE networks. Wireless networks provide more reliability nowadays with the improvements in upload and download speeds with limited latency.

Choose Choice IoT as your connectivity provider for Smart Cities Today!

In the United States, nearly 70 percent of the cities have started investing in smart city technology.  Solution Providers who are installing RFID sensors, intelligent traffic signals, and smart meters in cities can leverage Choice IoT’s wireless connectivity and management services. Our company specializes in smart city IoT, M2M, data, and voice services. Everything you need for the city’s wireless connectivity needs can be found from a single source – us!

We provide wireless connectivity services that help you deploy and manage solutions & devices for smart cities? Make an appointment with Choice IoT to learn more!

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