IoT Data Plans

Customized wireless data plans that fit your solution and budget, on the nation’s largest and most reliable 5G network.

Wireless Data Plans are used to transmit data over cellular networks. Wireless data is  used in devices that are on the move or as a back up for IoT Devices. We create custom Plans depending on your use case so you pay only for wireless data you need. We allow you to pool your data to reduce overage charges.

Choice IoT offers a variety of Wireless Data plans to fit your use case:

  • Customized Data Plans from Kilobyte to Terabyte Plans
  • Unlimited 64k Data Plans
  • NB-IoT Plans for low power/low usage deployments
  • CAT-M1 Plans for specific chipsets/modules
  • High-Bandwidth Data Plans
  • Fixed Wireless High Usage IoT Data Plans

Combined with our Connectivity and Management platform, CAMP™, you have the tools to unlock every opportunity:

  • Detailed Usage Analysis with Upload and Download Sessions – For Troubleshooting.
  • Real Time Network and Device Query – To Check Connectivity.
  • Overage and Usage Alerts – To Control Costs.
  • Device Change Alert or Lock – To Prevent Theft of Services.
  • Remote Network Reset – To Fix Connectivity Issues.
  • Private APN – For Better Security

Reach out for a customized quote and get exactly what your solution needs!

Choice IoT offers flexible data plans & wireless connectivity and management services that help  solution providers succeed in growing their business. Our award-winning IoT Platform – CAMP™ has been voted the easiest to use in the industry.