PTCRB Certification

PTCRB Certification

Established in 1997, PTCRB certification ensures that devices are in compliance with cellular network standards and capable of inter-operability with a mobile network.

Depending on the device category both modules and integrated devices require PTCRB certification.

Integrated devices include PTCRB-certified modules and include smartphones, tablets, connected vehicles, medical devices and many more.

The Choice IoT team can help streamline process for obtaining both PTCRB and Carrier certification for your IoT devices.

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PTCRB Certification Process

  1. Begin by setting up an account on the PTCRB website. Then submit a request to access the certification database to
  2. Once CTIA grants access to the database, create a test request on the PTCRB website. As a manufacturer, you will select a primary lab for testing. Information about the device also will be required at this step.
  3. PTCRB will contact the lab to being testing of the device.
  4. When testing is complete, the lab will submit the required documentation to the certification database.
  5. Payment is then made by the manufacturer to the CTIA, the program administrator. Payment estimates can be obtained directly from PTCRB-approved labs.
  6. CTIA will ensure all requirements are met and notify the PTCRB who will then notify the manufacturer.