Simplifying IoT Connectivity for Manufacturing

Manufacturing & Industrial Wireless Connectivity :

Choice IoT has the experience and the award-winning CAMP™ platform that empowers IoT Solution Providers to offer the best connectivity, simply managed deployment, while increasing profitability.

CAMP provides you complete control of your Connected Solutions, allowing you to increase profitability.

  • Deployments made easy with Instant Error Free Activations
  • Custom Rate Plans.
  • Simple but powerful Line Management tools:
    • Subscriber and Group names to help effectively manage your user base
    • Integrated Notes to help keep information in one place
  • Real Time Usage Alerts to trouble shoot & help control costs. No more surprise overages
  • Simplified ticketing process. Make changes and get support for technical issues instantly
  • Intuitive Troubleshooting tools that reduce downtime / increase customer satisfaction
  • Remote Network and Device Query to trouble shoot.
  • Remote Network Reset to resolve most minor issues
  • Device Change Lock to prevent theft of services
  • Works wherever you need – desktop, tablet, even on your mobile browser
  • API Integration: Extend all the benefits of the CAMP platform to yours

Provision, Deploy, Manage & Monetize your devices and solutions with ease. Spend less time managing your business and more time growing your business. See how our remote troubleshooting saves time and truck rolls and increases profitablility. Get the same advantages your bigger competitors have.

Get a Free Demo of our Award Winning CAMP™ Platform and see how easy IoT connectivity can be when you partner with Choice IoT !

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Manufacturing & Industrial Wireless Connectivity  is needed by solutions providing :

Predictive Maintenance: IoT devices and sensors monitor several parameters such as temperature, vibration, voltages, currents, etc. and can obtain essential maintenance data. This information gives the current condition of machinery, determines warning signs, transmit alerts, and helps in maintenance before a major breakdown.

Remote Monitoring: Monitor field devices like switches, valves, and other indication components. The data collected by sensors is transmitted to the industrial automation system that ensures an overall control of machinery amid the production process.

Asset Tracking and Monitoring: The major task of tracking lies in discovering and overseeing such crucial assets as the components of the supply chain (raw materials, containers, and finished goods). Such applications can drastically optimize logistics, maintain stocks of work in progress, and disclose theft.

Logistics: Managing the fleet by using IoT-driven devices helps manufacturers reduce the risks concerning vehicles, staff, and transportation. Real-time monitoring of driver and vehicle performance aids to raise safety, bring down inventory damage and reduce overall costs.

Choice IoT provides custom IoT plans for Manufacturing applications that simplify your deployments and maximize your bottom line. Get all your connectivity needs with whatever transmission technology your devices use:

  • 4G LTE
  • 5G
  • Narrow-Band IoT (NB-IoT)
  • CAT M1

Choice IoT also provides:

  • Carrier Certification Assistance
  • CAMP™, award-winning connectivity management platform
  • Private APN

Choose Choice IoT as Your Smart Cities Industry Connectivity Partner Today.

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