NB-IoT Connectivity

NB-IoT uses a small definite part of the #800MHz #spectrum that has  traditionally been used since the first day of cellular networks. The frequency itself is penetrative with respect to its wavelength (in comparison to higher frequencies).  NB-IoT comes as a software upgrade of existing base stations. At the end of the day, cellular networks will just upgrade their software. This is really amazing for the IoT ecosystem, since it does not interrupt current cellular service. Choice offers the T-Mobile NB-IOT network for fast and efficient deployments.

It enables a wide range of devices to connect to the internet using an existing mobile network.

Most available wireless technologies aren’t properly equipped to meet the demands of rapidly growing IoT applications where robust coverage and scale is critical.

Choice IoT delivers a low-power and low-cost NB-IoT connectivity service. Connect and support a high volume of endpoint devices to the internet while improving battery life. NB-IoT focuses specifically on indoor coverage, low cost, long battery life, and high connection density.

Our flexible NB-IoT connectivity service is ideal for devices that leverage a small amount of data over long periods of time and allows organizations to seamlessly implement and scale IoT applications on a secure network.

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decrease productivity
Extend Battery life

Significantly improve power consumption and extend device battery life by more than 10 years on a single charge.

Cost of network failure
Minimize Costs

Minimize wireless costs by enabling devices to carry data with greater efficiency. NB-IoT also allows for lower deployment cost by device than other wireless solutions.  Plans as low as $6/year.

wireless connectivity

Easy implementation into an existing cellular network allows for long-term scalability, enabling businesses to focus on enhancing device functionality rather than wireless infrastructure. Easily  deploy and manage thousands of sensors or devices.

wireless connectivity
Enhanced Security

NB-IoT is backed by strong authentication before connecting to the mobile network to ensure security and reliability.

wireless connectivity
Long Range Communication

Easily connect with and gather data from thousands of devices in buildings, underground, or remote locations.

wireless connectivity
Optimized Data Usage

Carry data with greater efficiency than an LTE network without competing with other data traffic for network resources.

Driving Innovation With Nb-IoT Connectivity

Custom Data Plans
Smart Cities, Streetlights
Waste Management
Gas/Water Metering
wireless connectivity
Smart Agriculture, Livestock Monitoring
Pollution Tracking
Land/Environment Monitoring
lowest connectivity rates
Smart Buildings, HVAC
Alarm Systems
Access Control

Provide a low-power and low-cost NB-IoT connectivity solution for thousands of devices.

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