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IoT Connectivity & Management
Choice IoT

IoT Connectivity & Management

Wireless Connectivity Services

 IoT Connectivity

Manage multiple carriers through a single platform – T-Mobile, Verizon & AT&T or get a “Choice 1 SIM” – With All Carriers.  Having a single SIM with all carriers ensures continuous connectivity and longevity of your solution. ” Future Proof “ your IoTsolutions from carrier and network changes. Get coverage across 180 Countries.

Wireless Connectivity Management

Efficient SIM Management

Gain instant and total control 24/7 over your wireless connectivity and IoT devices. Rapidly deploy, troubleshoot and manage your IoT devices from any computer, tablet or smart phone. Control your devices on multiple carriers on a single platform or a single SIM.  IoT connectivity does not have to be complicated.
Lowest Connectivity Rates

Increase Profits

We offer the lowest rates in the industry to help solution providers reduce wireless costs and maximize profitability. Customize IoT plans for your particular solution, because you should only pay for data you need.  Set up alerts, throttle, or data hard stops to prevent overage charges. Gain an edge on your competition!

Deploy or integrate your solutions with our free Award-Winning IoT Connectivity & Management Platform – CAMP™. Solution providers, VARs & Integrators can now focus on growing their business, instead of wasting time & resources managing their IoT connectivity.

Advanced intelligent features to troubleshoot, prevent device recalls, truck rolls & save time and resources.

  • Private APN – For Better Security

  • Detailed Usage Analysis with Upload and Download Sessions – For troubleshooting.

  • Real Time Network and Device Query – To check connectivity.

  • Overage and Usage Alerts – To control costs.

  • Device Change Alert or Lock – To prevent theft/misuse of services.

  • Remote Network Reset – To fix connectivity Issues.

  • IoT connectivity expertise to help launch your solution: Use our expert guidance with chipset /module selection to ensure that your solution is approved on the carrier network. Carriers in the U.S. regularly sweep their networks and boot unauthorized devices that slow the network or cause network issues. Launch/build your solution with the right device/chipset to ensure long term success. We even help source an existing approved device/solution to speed up time to market. Get your IoT devices deployed instantly.

  • Get the white glove service you deserve no matter if your IoT deployments are large or small.

  • No more waiting on customer service calls to perform basic functions like : Activate, suspend, swap SIM, Plan Change or Deactivate Service. Get instant data overage & device change alerts. Save countless hours managing your IoT connectivity. 

  • No lengthy carrier negotiations, long term contracts or volume commitments. Manage your IoT devices across Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile through one platform or get all carriers across the globe on a CHOICE – 1 SIM .- Automatically switch carriers to ensure best connectivity.
  • We offer a Tiered IoT pricing structure – Automatic Savings per line of service as your business scales.
  • Choose from a complete suite of IoT Data Plans across multiple carriers – 4G LTE, 5G, NB-IoT,CatM, Fixed Wireless and Unlimited Data Plans. Select IoT data plans for U.S.A, North America or Global deployments. Plans start from 1Mb to Unlimited 5G for Fixed wireless solutions.
  • Get a Free IoT SIM to test your device and data transmission on the carriers’ networks to determine what  IoT data plan is right for you.


What our customers are saying…

Choice offers competitive price points and as such has been flexible in giving us the data plans we need to accomplish and pass on these savings to our own end customers. Typically, Spectrotel can save customers up to 30% on their existing wireless data spend.

Jay Kim, Director of Product at Spectrotel

Choice is the perfect partner to launch our TeamConnect push-to-talk over cellular application with. Their understanding of our business model, our needs, and our concerns made them the natural CHOICE.

David Gottlieb, EVP of TeamConnect

In addition to the high level of support and quick response I receive from Choice IoT, I’ve found their CAMP portal to be extremely easy to utilize. We have been able to get orders out the door on short notice thanks to their simple approach to managing our SIM inventory and instant activations available through CAMP

CHARLES GREENWALD, President of Newgate Security

Partnering with ChoiceIoT was the easiest “choice” I have ever made. Their pricing is hands down the best I’ve seen. The support staff is incredible, knowledgeable and quick to respond. Choice IoT’s back office portal is smart, intuitive and easy to work with. And their management team is always ready, willing and eager to work with our company on new promotional ideas and marketing plans. They are more interested in MY success as a partner than any other vendor I work with. Kudos to the ChoiceIoT team. Keep up the great work!

Charlie Slaughter, Kinect Communications

Choice IoT has been ideal for our platform. The Camp portal keeps us completely in control of every aspect of our operation allowing us to remain self-sufficient, with its rich set of features that are constantly being added to and improved based on feedback from customers. At the same time, the ticketing and support Choice IoT offers is second to none when we need assistance.

Michael Skurla, Radix IoT
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