Static IP Address

Whether you need enhanced security, remote access or a VPN connection, leveraging a Static IP provides unparalleled functionality towards achieving sound infrastructure practices.

A static IP address is a permanent address on the internet that is assigned by an Internet service provider. It differs from a dynamic IP address which is assigned by a network when a connection occurs and changes over time.

Speed and reliability are the key benefits of a static IP address. Gaming, website hosting, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services tend to use static IP addresses. Our Public Static IP feature for business customers provides enhanced functionality and increased security with the ability to assign all types of mobile equipment to a fixed IP address.

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Static IP Address
Static IP Address Security

Choice Public Static IP for enhanced security and fixed IP address assignment to devices in the field.

Static IP Address Data Analytics

A static IP address can host servers that contain data making it easy for devices to locate the server anywhere in the world. In addition, devices that operate on a closed network and allow remote access work best with a static IP address.

Static IP Address Connectivity

Static IP addresses are more stable and there is less latency on the Internet.


Since Static IP addresses don’t change, they are easy to assign and maintain. It’s easy to track internet traffic and assign user access based on IP address identification.

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