Construction and real estate technology solutions can help business owners enhance their existing offerings and add value for their customers. At Choice Business Connections, we offer industry-specific solutions that help simplify the complexities of wireless connectivity. From proactive monitoring to streamlining building material logistics, we have everything our clients need to transform their businesses!

Understanding the Construction & Real Estate Industry

Today, businesses in the construction and real estate industry can maintain secure lines of communication between project leads and onsite workers by leveraging Voice, M2M, and IoT technologies. These solutions allow for vital, real-time data to be sent straight to workers’ devices who may be located at temporary pop-up sites, which in turn keep projects on time and within budget.

Ruggedized smartphones and tablets keep employees connected by minimizing downtime due to broken devices and loss in communication. Adding a workforce mobile application for monitoring activities in the field, providing technical documentation for specific services, and an Unlimited voice, data, and messaging plan ensures that your business maintains a fixed cost while increasing productivity without a fluctuating budget.

Let’s not forget about setting up temporary or pop-up offices in remote locations and how time consuming that process can be; however, gaining access to mobile routers rather than coordinating or waiting for an Internet Service Provider to establish connectivity in these areas is critical. Choice Business Connections is partnered with the most reputable brands for hardware and connectivity, CAT, Zebra, BEC, Digi, and Cradlepoint to name a few.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Choice Business Connections provides top-notch wireless connectivity services and management solutions for a wide variety of industries, including the construction and real estate industry, through the most reliable cloud-based carrier integrated platform. Below is a quick look at what we are good at:

  • Narrow-Band IoT (NB-IoT)
  • IoT & M2M
  • Mobile Internet & Data
  • Voice Services
  • International Calling & Data Plans
  • Failover
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • PTCRB Certification
  • CAMP™
  • Static IP

Benefits of Wireless Connectivity Solutions for the Construction & Real Estate Industry

Below is a non-exhaustive list of benefits that wireless connectivity solutions can unlock for the construction and real estate industry:

  • Easily manage remote workforce: Business owners will be able to track remote workers to ensure their safety and receive emergency alerts should accidents occur. Construction companies can also use our solutions to accurately record billing hours for a hassle-free invoicing experience. These solutions also ensure that field real estate agents continue to have access to important business applications and real-time information while meeting with potential clients.
  • Eliminate downtime or setup time: Construction and Real Estate businesses can quickly deploy and establish remote offices with full LTE data connectivity rather than working through cumbersome processes in establishing a primary ISP.
  • Reduce hardware device cost: Utilizing ruggedized hardware such as smartphones and tablets in rough work environments ensures that device replacements are rare, and the hardware utilized in these environments have a replacement warranty.
  • Conveniently monitor valuable equipment: By implementing preventative maintenance, construction companies can eliminate or reduce unplanned downtime, which can be costly. In addition, they will be able to remotely troubleshoot anomalies and issues upon detection through an LTE wireless connection.
  • Sound inventory management: Construction and real estate companies gain an accurate understanding of current inventory levels and asset availability across large sites by utilizing a mobile hotspot and/or router coupled with an LTE connection. This ensures that they stay up to date with ordering requirements to avoid major project delays.

Choose Choice Business Connections as Your Construction & Real Estate Industry Connectivity Vendor Today!

At Choice Business Connections, we are a leading provider of IoT, M2M, Data, and Voice services for both small business owners and enterprise level organizations. Today, our competitively priced solutions are utilized in a wide variety of industries, including construction and real estate. We offer a robust proprietary software called CAMP™ that enables rapid mobile deployment and operational transparency benefits for all users.

Our team has an unwavering commitment to helping our clients, partners, and dealers succeed in their respective fields, as well as increasing productivity and profitability through the right technology solutions. Choice Business Connections is also an easy company to work with as we adhere to ethical practices, maintain transparent interactions, and are always honest.

Are you looking for technology solutions that are made for simplifying wireless connectivity management within the construction and real estate industry? Make an appointment with Choice Business Connections to learn more!

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