Construction & Real Estate IoT Connectivity

As design gets more complicated and technology pushes the envelope, the demands on the Construction industry have never been greater: from worker safety to job-site security to even the design process itself, Construction & Real Estate IoT Connectivity is transforming the ways that our world gets built.

Choice IoT has the experience and the award-winning CAMP™ platform that empowers IoT Solution Providers to offer the best connectivity, simple managed deployments, while increasing profitability.

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Design Modeling: IoT technology helps construction design teams make real-time updates to their development plans. The latest and relevant information on the project is delivered to the job site through reliable IoT connectivity. Sensors are installed to monitor the construction quality.

Jobsite Monitoring: With IoT sensors, you can monitor construction job site in real-time. These sensors allow you to collect and analyze data to measure the job site conditions such as temperature, air moisture, and noise, as well as monitor any violations or to anticipate accidents on the job site.

Remote Operations: Utilizing reliable IoT connectivity, you can manage heavy machinery from a safe distance, removing the chance of human error. Receive timely updates of machine movements, locations and status.

Worker Wearables: Track employees on the job-site and send safety alerts to avoid potential accidents. IoT wearables improve on-the-job safety for construction workers. Equipment such as smartwatches, AR goggles, and smart helmets transmit data to the data center for continuous monitoring.

Construction Site Monitoring and Safely:

It is critical to remotely view and monitor construction sites and record events. This requires high bandwidth Fixed Wireless Plans. ChoiceIoT can customize a plan to suit your exact requirements.

Choice IoT provides custom IoT plans for Construction applications that simplify your deployments and maximize your bottom line. Get all your connectivity needs with whatever transmission technology your devices use:

  • 4G LTE
  • 5G
  • Narrow-Band IoT (NB-IoT)
  • CAT M1

Choice IoT also provides:

  • Carrier Certification Assistance
  • CAMP™, award-winning connectivity management platform
  • Private APN

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