There has never been a better time than now to start reviewing whether your financial services institution is doing enough to better engage its customers while maintaining compliance. At Choice Business Connections, we provide integrated IoT and wireless connectivity solutions for financial services providers that want to stay competitive, achieve complete customer satisfaction, and generate new revenue channels.

Understanding the Financial Services Industry

The clock never stops ticking in the financial services industry. Financial assets are moved; deals are secured; and bits and pieces of data are sent and received all the time. All these events, however, need to happen as securely, reliably, and quickly as possible. That’s why Financial Services organizations are leveraging mobile routers for pop-up offices (equipped with wireless connectivity) and a Static IP solution to ensure their connections are secure.

Solutions that offer reliability, security, agility, and cost-effectiveness are critical to driving success. Enterprise-class security with sophisticated protocols and applications, built for PCI Compliance are required when working with sensitive information.

At Choice Business Connections, we provide integrated IoT and M2M devices for mobile workers so that they can stay connected 24/7/365. In addition, we also specialize in security services such as static IP. This helps ensure that sensitive data is handled with strict regulatory compliance and security. Whether you need a Cradlepoint router for a quickly deployable mobile office with a secure connection, or a mobile Point-of-Sales (POS) device for real-time transactions over a secure connection equipped with a Static IP, we can assist.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Choice Business Connections provides top-notch wireless connectivity services and management solutions for a wide variety of industries, including the financial services industry, through the most reliable cloud-based carrier integrated platform. Below is a quick look at what we are good at:

  • Narrow-Band IoT (NB-IoT)
  • IoT & M2M
  • Mobile Internet & Data
  • Voice Services
  • International Calling & Data Plans
  • Failover
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • PTCRB Certification
  • CAMP™
  • Static IP

Benefits of Wireless Connectivity Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

Below is a non-exhaustive list of benefits that wireless connectivity solutions can unlock for the financial services industry:

  • Eliminate hacking incidents: Cybersecurity remains a hot topic today as many hackers are constantly targeting client data of financial institutions across the globe. With our financial services technology solutions in place, your company can avoid staying in the crosshairs.
  • Easily track customers’ preferences: Our solutions allow wealth managers and personal bankers to pinpoint your customers’ preferences, tastes, and interests. This helps financial services providers adjust their marketing strategies to establish more profitable relationships with their customers.
  • Enterprise-class security: Our mobile routers offer sophisticated security protocols purpose-built for PCI Compliance and Parallel Networking to keep POS data separate to limit the scope of PCI Compliance.
  • Cloud deployments: Manage thousands of devices from your PC, offering a zero-touch deployment, configuration, and easy to manage solution for mass-scale deployments across geographic locations.
  • Bring financial services closer to the customer: Today’s financial services providers can set up mobile branches and wireless ATMs, which are more affordable than setting up shop at permanent, physical locations.

Choose Choice Business Connections as Your Financial Services Industry Connectivity Vendor Today!

If you are looking to enhance your remote workers’ capabilities with the aid of smart wearables and other M2M and IoT services, you have come to the right place! Choice Business Connections’ solutions for the financial services industry are designed to improve existing workflows so that it benefits both agents and customers. Since our inception, Choice Business Connections has also been maintaining a reputable track record due to our sound operational efficiency, honesty, fair and transparent pricing practices, and many more. When you team up with us to drive digital transformation for your organization, you can enjoy complete peace of mind that you are in good hands.

Are you looking for technology solutions that are made for simplifying wireless connectivity within the financial services industry? Make an appointment with Choice Business Connections to learn more!

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