Simplify IoT SIM Card Management with CAMP™.

Manage Sim Cards & Connectivity across T-Mobile, Verizon & AT&T through a single platform. We have the right IoT SIM depending on the needs of your solution. Having multiple carriers helps fill coverage, ensures best pricing & continuous connectivity.


They are different from regular wireless carrier SIM cards and designed specifically for IoT use cases. IoT SIM cards are triple cut ( 1FF, 2FF, 3FF ) They are also known as M2M SIMs. They are designed to be more durable and secure and can be remotely managed. They also offer additional security like Private APN whereby devices can only be accessed through their certified networks.

IoT SIM Card Management

IoT SIM Cards are managed through a cloud-based IoT Connectivity & Management Platform to perform various functions and monitor, exchange and analyze data and usage details. They can be used to Pool Data usage across different devices to avoid overage charges. IoT solutions usually use data, and it is critical for them to use the correct IoT SIM, because using regular carrier SIM cards can lead to interruption of service, lack of visibility and control & security failures. Industrial SIMs are available for required use cases. They are more rugged and used mostly in outdoor or harsh weather conditions. Cat-M SIMs are used for small amounts of data for devices on the move and help devices extend battery life.

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We offer 4G LTE , 5G & Cat-M SIM Cards with enhanced security using Private APN.  Get the best rates on a variety of IoT Data Plans on the fastest 4G LTE and Largest 5G wireless network in the U.S.

 Partner with Choice IoT, because we can help you eliminate lengthy carrier negotiations, volume commitments & contracts. Speed up your time to market, to days not months.

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IoT Sim card Management
Start-ups to enterprise-scale solution providers use CAMP™ to gain total control & visibility over their IoT Connectivity & devices. Solution providers can now focus on growing their business, instead of wasting time & resources managing their connectivity.

Use our IoT connectivity expertise to help launch your solution. We guide you with chipset/module selection to make sure your device is approved and optimized on the carrier’s network. We can help you to source existing approved devices and solutions, to speed time to market and remove the complexity of building your own solution.

Use our advanced intelligent features to troubleshoot, prevent device recalls, avoid truck rolls & save time and reduce costs:

  • <a href=Private APN – For Better Security
  • IoT Sim card ManagementDetailed Usage Analysis with Upload and Download Sessions – For Troubleshooting.
  • iot DeviceReal Time Network and Device Query – To Check Connectivity.
  •  iot usageOverage and Usage Alerts – To Control Costs.
  • IoT ServicesDevice Change Alert or Lock – To Prevent Theft of Services.
  • IoT NetworkRemote Network Reset – To Fix Connectivity Issues.

Get the best Wireless IoT Plans in the industry for Data, Voice and SMS solutions.

IoT SIM $1.00
5G IoT SIM $1.00
Industrial IoT SIM $6.00
Volume Discounts Available.

IoT SIM Card cost may vary by carrier.

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