Although it is still too early for 5G, there is an increasing tendency among network operators to increase speeds across their networks. According to a recent report by OpenSignal, video signal experience and overall quality of service across various networks have improved.

There has been very little increase in 4G availability, but this is understandable in the context of market saturation by 4G in the United States market. The direction that 4G is taking now is to act as a precursor to 5G. Network companies are using the infrastructure of 4G to prepare for 5G. This infrastructure includes fiber backhaul and packet core.

Having looked at the overall picture, let us look at how this exciting report ranked each network provider and who emerged tops.

T-Mobile Has The Fastest Network In America

Fastest Network

Here, T-Mobile won hands down. The network had the fastest upload speed experience as well as the download speed experience. During our last survey, T-Mobile had tied with Verizon on download speed experience but this time, T-Mobile was the clear winner.

4G Availability

Although Verizon led in this area, T-Mobile came a very close second meaning that customers using T-Mobile do not really lack in 4G coverage but get to enjoy the fastest speeds in the United States. This would make T-Mobile a clear favorite for anyone who relies heavily on 4G speeds and needs fast and reliable coverage across the nation.

Video Experience

When it comes to video experience, AT&T should have led given its dominance in content creation platforms such as Warner Media. Instead, it still trailed behind most of the other networks. This category was taken by Verizon but again, T-Mobile was right behind which means that customers of T-Mobile are still getting one of the best video experiences in the country.

Bottom Line

To summarize the findings, the report indicated that all networks have benefitted immensely from rolling out the 4G network. The spread of coverage for 4G has not been uniform and some networks have done a better job of rolling out the 4G networks than others.

The other conclusion is that in most of the parameters measured, both Verizon and T-Mobile are at the front of the pack. This includes having speeds of up to 42.4 MBPS in built-up areas such as New York City. However, it is important to remember that many people rarely ever get to experience such speeds. This is because they are affected by factors such as how many other people are using the networks and so on.

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