IOT / M2M Plans

IoT Wireless, IoT Cellular and IoT Mobile all refer to delivering voice and data over a wireless network. Choose from one of our IoT data plans , or work with your Choice IoT Consultant to customize a plan that best suits your needs as a Solution Provider or IoT Reseller. We offer discounts with volume commitments. Global IoT connectivity is  available in 210 countries with our international voice and data plans. For higher usage please refer to our Mobile Internet Plans. For unlimited data plans for M2M please refer to our M2M Plans. Integrate your IoT solutions with our free IoT Connectivity & Management Platform to gain total control and visibility over your devices.

Discounts available with volume commitments.

Simplified IOT & M2M Pricing
Monthly ChargeData IncludedOverage
$1.25 /month1 MBData : 4 cents/MB
Voice : 5 cents/minute
Text : 2 cents/text
Additional Data Packages AvailableRequest
Fixed Cost Data Plans For IOT & M2M
Monthly ChargeData IncludedOverage
$2.75/monthUnlimited Data @ 64kbpsNA
$5.00/monthUnlimited Data @ 128kbpsNA
$5.00/monthUnlimited Data @128kbps + 500 Text SMSNA
$5.00/month500 MB High Speed Data + 500 Text SMSHardstop
$10.00/monthUnlimited Data @512kbps + 500 Text SMSNA
**Includes Free SIMS
Fixed Cost High Bandwidth Data Plans
Monthly ChargeData IncludedOverage
$256GBSpeed Slow down
upto 2GB After data
Included is used.
**Includes Free SIMS
Pooled Mobile Internet Data Plans
Monthly ChargeData IncludedOverage
*Include Free SIMS, 4G LTE data, Unlimited Messaging, Mobile Hotspot
**Unlimited International Texting, Canada & Mexico Roaming, Music streaming
Unlimited Tablet Plan
Monthly ChargeData IncludedOverage
$25/monthUnlimited 4g LTE/5G dataUnlimited Text
Simplified IOT Pricing

Overage :

Data : 4 cents/MB

Voice: 5 cents/min

Text  : 2 cents/text

Monthly ChargeData Included