2G & 3G Shutdown :

2G/3G Sunset

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All the major carriers in the USA are in the process of shutting down both their 2G and 3G networks, in order to reallocate the spectrum to exciting new technologies such as 5G.

As these 2G/3G networks shutdown in a relatively short timeframe, it will be necessary to replace existing 2G/3G devices in the field, as well as ensure that you have the right products for new customers going forward.

Choice’s IoT Solutions Consultants can guide your team and help ease the burden of the migration process, including assistance with device and module selection, carrier and PTCRB certification.

Use our award winning Connectivity and Management Platform – CAMP™ to seamlessly deploy and manage your IoT devices and transition to the largest 4G/LTE & 5G Network.

Use our advanced features to reduce costs and take control of your connectivity :

  • Detailed Usage Analysis with Upload and Download Sessions – For Troubleshooting.
  • Real Time Network and Device Query – To Check Connectivity.
  • Overage and Usage Alerts – To Control Costs.
  • Device Change Alert or Lock – To Prevent Theft of Services.
  • Remote Network Reset – To Fix Connectivity Issues.
  • Private APN – For Better Security
  • Instant Activations, Suspensions, Deactivations, Reactivations and Plan Changes.

Reach out for a customized quote and get exactly what your solution needs!

Let Choice IoT simplify how you manage 2G/3G network sunsets with an in-depth migration plan. Time is running out. Avoid the cost of any potential communication blackouts and develop new cutting-edge services that improve your existing customer experience and allow you to continue to grow your business!

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