T-Mobile Network

With America’s Largest and Most Reliable 5G Network, the possibilities are endless, and so are your opportunities!

Broader Coverage. Faster Speeds. Greater Signal Strength.

T-Mobile’s network provides everything you need to deploy confidently and profitably:

  • Low Band Signal for extended range and in-building penetration
  • Mid Band Signal for capacity
  • High Band Signal for unparalleled speeds
  • NB-IoT for low power, low usage applications
  • CAT-M1 for special data applications
  • Fixed Wireless high usage plans
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Choice IoT offers flexible wireless connectivity and management services that help IOT Solution Providers succeed in growing their business. Our award-winning IoT Platform CAMP™ has been voted the easiest to use in the industry.


T-Mobile ‘s  broad range of available networks ensures you have the best connectivity for business mobility, IoT or M2M. T-Mobile has tripled network coverage since 2004. T-Mobile keeps rolling out Extended LTE to widen the footprint while laying the foundation for 5G.

T-Mobile has won numerous awards from Open Signals, for the best network in the country. Billions of real world customer tests rank T-Mobile first for speed, responsiveness and LTE signal availability.

You have a business to run. Don’t waste time worrying about connectivity. Leave that to us, so  you can focus on driving your business forward. Small and medium size business require a nationwide network that goes beyond their offices. That’s why T-Mobile acquired low band spectrum, that offers better in-building coverage and spreads signals farther than mid-band. Not to forget T-Mobile launched the first NB-IOT network in the country. T-Mobile’s fast,advanced network now covers 99% of Americans. Rest assured that T-Mobile is the most innovative carrier focused on providing the best network for their customers.

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