CAMP™ Wins 3 Visionary Spotlight Awards in 2019

CAMP™ by Choice Business Connections has received Channel Vision’s Visionary Spotlight Awards for; Top Innovation, Service Provider Enablement, and Enterprise Technology. The award-winning connectivity management platform enables solution providers to streamline and scale deployments for their solutions and devices. Choice Business Connections is always adding feature enhancements to CAMP™ based on customer feedback and requests.

“We built CAMP around the features most important to our dealers, partners, and customers. We work for our customers at Choice, that’s how we’ve been successful and continue to remain successful. These awards are sincerely appreciated as they acknowledge all the hard work and effort that has gone into the development of CAMP. They just affirm that customer feedback guides our success, which ties right into our motto here at Choice, Your Success is Our Business”, says Darren Sadana, CEO of Choice Business Connections.


Visionary Spotlight Awards

Top Innovation Award

The Top Innovation Award (Overall Excellence) is designed to honor companies that are making the biggest impact in the channel today, across several different areas of focus. This category recognizes the best programs, distributors, and deployments. This category also recognizes innovation, which is so highly coveted by channel partners today. Top Innovation Awards are given to companies that identify and streamline common pain points for businesses and opening lucrative revenue streams for agents as they do so.

Service Provider Enablement Award

The Service Provider Enablement Award is one of the hottest areas for innovation in the channel right now. Almost daily, new technologies are coming to market that help providers streamline back office and OSS innovation, improve data center sustainability, boost connectivity, and more. The Service Provider Enablement category recognizes the companies that are making it easier for service providers to excel.

Enterprise Technology Award

The Enterprise Technology Award is based on user experience as it has emerged as a top need for enterprises. Companies want software that is highly responsive, reliable and easy to use. The Enterprise Technology category honors companies that create communications solutions that make life easier for end-users, while providing greater innovation in the enterprise marketplace.

All Visionary Spotlight Awards are judged based on a stringent set of evaluation criteria, highlighting overall innovation, as well as future industry impact of the nominated product or service; creativity and feature set differentiation; and ease of use and inter operability.

CAMP™ Helps Dealers and Solution Providers

CAMP™ is a connectivity management platform for solution providers that require IoT, M2M, Voice, SMS, and even International wireless connectivity as a part of their product offering. The web-based proprietary software is built on Microsoft Azure for unparalleled security, and it’s also available on the Microsoft AppSource. The CAMP™ software is included at no additional charge for Dealers that are contracted with Choice Business Connections for connectivity services and can be accessed from a PC and/or mobile device. Some of the key features include;
Activation Management

CAMP™ allows instant activations, suspends, restores, and more from a single transaction via CSV upload, bar code scanner, or through the CAMP™ portal.

2019 Visionary spotlight awards

API Integration

CAMP™ is fully integrated via APIs with T-Mobile to offer real-time alerts, analytics, activations, SIM swaps, number changes, suspends, restores, and ticketing.

Account Management

Wireless subscribers can be managed by location, subscriber name, and/or groups. Internal comments and tickets are time stamped by user. This identifies where devices are and the history of each activation throughout its life cycle.

Future Ticketing

Planning for future changes helps solution providers avoid costly mistakes when managing their activations, rate plan changes, static IPs, suspends, and much more. By creating tickets in advance, users can stay ahead of changes and adjustments in usage connected to their solutions.


Users can receive real-time email alerts on usage analytics, activation requests, activation confirmation, international usage, overages, and more. This helps solution providers gain greater visibility into deployed wireless connections.

CAMP™ also offers SIM Transfers, Interactive Coverage Check and Analysis, User Management, and more. Choice IoT updates CAMP™ with robust new features every month based on customer requests and feedback. These updates are available on the Choice Updates Page on their website as well as included in their Monthly Newsletter.

What CAMP™ Users Have to Say About the Platform

Newgate Security is a cost-effective GPS tracking provider that provides solutions for vehicle and asset tracking. “In addition to the high level of support and quick response I receive from Choice IoT, I’ve found their CAMP portal to be extremely easy to utilize. We have been able to get orders out the door on short notice thanks to their simple approach to managing our SIM inventory and instant activations available through CAMP” – Charles Greenwald, President of Newgate Security.

Public Telephone Company is a leading VoIP provider offering complete, unified telecommunications systems from equipment to software with 24/7 service. “We have partnered with Choice IoT to power our Mobile Failover solution. In addition to the exceptional support by their team, their CAMP platform allows us to more efficiently manage our LTE Failover devices. It simplifies how quickly we can activate and deploy services for our customers. Choosing Choice as our mobility partner has been a true game changer for PTC” – John Ashton, VP of Marketing and Strategic Relationships for Public Telephone Company.

To learn more about CAMP or Choice IoT, visit and look for CAMP under their Services.