First NB-IoT Asset Tracking Solution Launched by T-Mobile

In the last few weeks, T-Mobile has launched the country’s first NB-IoT asset tracking solution. This is intended to help by eliminating the expensive asset tracking processes that are also hard to set up require complicated data security. In this article, we give you the details about this new innovation in the market.

First NB-IoT Asset Tracking

How it Works

T-Mobile explained that the NB-IoT works by priming small data packets for NB-IoT. This network utilizes low power and thus can operate in the band next to the LTE spectrum. This way, these small data packets never have to compete with the larger bands. This is unlike the IoT CAT-M network which also use the larger LTE networks to operate.

The asset trackers can operate within all kind of conditions including indoors, goods in transit and can withstand all kinds of temperatures. This means that even refrigerated goods can still be effectively tracked using this new technology.

Security Advantage

There are several security advantages to using T-Mobile’s new NB-IoT network. The is because this network does not operate on the larger licensed networks. This new technology also uses far less power. This is due to the fact that the system used smaller data payloads, utilizes the T-Mobile power-saving mode and has longer reporting intervals. The longer battery life is especially useful when goods are being moved over long distances and the system needs to be on throughout the trip.

Industries That Can Use This Technology

The NB-IoT technology can be utilized by just about any industry that has the need to deploy asset trackers across the county. Industries that could benefit from this technology include airlines, retail outlets, organizations working in oil and gas, manufacturers and many more. The advantage of NB-IoT over most other solutions in the market is that it maximizes security while at the same time lowering costs.

T-Mobile was the first to launch an America-wide NB-IoT network in 2018. Other networks followed suit with AT&T soon launching thereafter. Verizon had earlier launched the LTE CAT M1 network that had been rolled out across the country. Sprint, on the other hand, spent some time researching on its own NB-IoT network. However, Sprint did not launch it citing the need to see if there is demand for the network before going live. It will be fascinating to see how this revolutionary technology from T-Mobile will be adapted by various companies across the United States. It is expected however that the low cost and higher security of NB-IoT will transform how companies track their assets.

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