Healthcare IoT: Extended beyond the walls of the hospital

A timely article about how even through all of the challenges the world faces with Covid-19, innovation keeps delivering health services, now via I0T.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold and conversations about reentry into public spaces percolate, medical staff are working around the clock to test and treat patients. Stay-at-home orders and limitations on large gatherings have helped to slow the spread of the disease but concerns about hospital capacity and medical staff shortages remain. Hospitals and clinics must continue to optimize their resources and streamline operations to protect frontline medical workers, deliver the best patient care and support public health.

Resilient healthcare organizations are finding new ways to diagnose and treat patients outside of hospitals, including pop-up testing locations and telehealth treatment options. Here are three ways IoT technology can continue to help healthcare workers flatten the curve and fight the coronavirus pandemic.

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