Radix IoT

Radix IoT and its award-winning platform Mango OS provide datacenters, commercial property, industry, and telecommunications infrastructure a consolidated method of remotely managing and monitoring remote critical infrastructure to maintain uptime performance.

The ability to capture, organize and analyze your data – from one site or thousands – is crucial to making well-informed, prompt and data-driven business decisions.

Radix IoT is an intuitive, scalable, and flexible, manufacturer independent IoT platform, that gives customers easy access to all infrastructure systems in any global property portfolio. Radix IoT allows for scalable connectivity of existing or new infrastructure for efficient facility operations, automation, and remote monitoring and management from afar.


  • Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Remote Management and Triage
  • Foster Preventative Maintenance
  • Optimally Organize Distributed Assets

Limitless Monitoring and Management Rooted in Intelligence. Radix IoT.