T-Mobile Triumphs In 4G Download Speeds

In the latest OpenSignal report on various telecommunication providers, the research looked at a variety of ways in which various telecommunication companies have improved their 4G network coverage and quality. OpenSignal used 5.6 billion measurements that were captured automatically on more than 1.4 million devices. The study period ranged between March 16th and June 13th. The thinking behind this research is that competition helps to spur innovation and giving companies a comparative analysis of how they are doing that could help lead to better services to consumers. The report also aims at offering consumers vital information about various telecommunication providers.

T-Mobile Triumphs In 4G Download Speeds

Download Speeds

When it comes to download speeds, T-Mobile took the top spot for national 4G speed. T-Mobile managed to dethrone Verizon in two categories namely download speeds and upload speeds. According to OpenSignal, the T-Mobile network had download speeds of up to 23.6 Mbps while Verizon posted download speeds of 22.9 Mbps. When it came to upload speeds, T-Mobile has speeds of up to 7.3 Mbps while Verizon had upload speeds of up to 6.9 Mbps.

Not far behind were the rest of the telecommunication companies. AT&T was at 22.5 download and Sprint at 19.2 Mbps.

4G Availability

When it comes to the coverage of 4G networks, T-Mobile came a close second to Verizon with 94.2 percent compared to 94.8 percent. The difference between the two is negligible and OpenSignal suggested that the rollout of 4G services must be so close to saturation that growth is slowing down and will ultimately stop.

Mobile Video Experience

None of the telecommunication companies had a particularly strong showing here and Verizon led this category with a rating of ‘good’ from OpenSignal. Other telecommunication providers did not do very well. For example, AT&T had a poor rating in this sector, despite the fact that it has invested a considerable amount of money on content creation platforms.

Lowest Latency

Here, T-Mobile tied in the first place with AT&T as the networks with the lowest latency. They both had latency rates of around 53 milliseconds.

In a nutshell, the OpenSignal showed that various telecommunication providers had strong showings in some areas and weaker showing in others. However, Verizon and T-Mobile tended to dominate most of the categories and T-Mobile showed a strong presence even in the categories that it did not win. This perhaps suggests that customers on the T-Mobile network can have the best of all worlds in the T-Mobile network. They benefit from the fastest speeds across the United States as well as the lowest latency rates. In addition, when it comes to 4G coverage, they don’t really compromise much as the difference between their coverage and the industry leader is negligible.

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