About Choice Business Connections

Choice Business Connections Inc., a subsidiary of Choice Products and Services Inc., is an authorized Nationwide Master Dealer and Distributor for T-Mobile since 1993. 

Along with T-Mobile, we are authorized to sell and service Ultra Mobile and Metro PCS. Headquartered in Syosset, NY, we operate offices up and down the eastern seaboard, serving dealers nationwide. Choice entities currently employ over 150 dedicated professionals whose sole responsibility is the growth and financial success of our over 2,500 contracted Dealers. More specifically, Choice Business Connections provides IoT, M2M, Data, and Voice services for IoT and Solution Providers.

Choice understands that you require a reliable and trustworthy partnership with competitive pricing for your wireless needs. You will be thrilled with the seamless and efficient way in which our team will handle your connectivity needs from the very first interaction. Your Success is Our Business!

Choice Business Connections

Our Mission

Our mission is to make mobility easy. Transparent pricing, logical processes, operational efficiency, and enterprise grade support. At Choice, Your Success is Our Business.

What We Do

Choice Business Connections provides IoT, M2M, Data, and Voice services to Solution Providers. Whether you are a small business owner or an enterprise level organization, we provide the necessary tools and solutions focused on increasing your overall profitability. Our team has extensive industry tenure in Support, Sales, Operations, and IT. Our connectivity supports solutions utilized in every industry, and our proprietary software CAMP™ ensures rapid mobile deployments and transparency for our partners.

Our Values

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Customer Focused

Our employees are committed to doing whatever it takes to make our customers, partners, and dealers as successful and profitable as possible.

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We pride ourselves in conducting business with honest and transparent interactions, ethical practices, and accountability.

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Operational Excellence

We remain steadfast to our commitment to run the most operationally sound and efficient company in the industry.

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We deliver to our customers, dealers and partners the most reliable, robust and evolving networks, and we continue to innovate and develop CAMP™ to optimize our users experience.

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The Choice team is comprised of veteran leaders driven to deliver the best results in the industry and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and success.

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Our employees are long-time successful wireless business experts who take the lead in developing new methods of attracting, enabling and enriching our customers, dealers and partners.