Ensure business continuity with our failover services.

Ensure business continuity with reliable mobile internet plans and zero usage failover plans during a network failure.

Network downtime or failure can lead to lost revenue, customer dissatisfaction, and reduced productivity.

We ensure an uninterrupted wireless connection with secure, reliable, and cost-effective mobile internet plans and Zero Usage failover plans.

Our high-performance 4G LTE wireless routers are designed for mission-critical resilience, helping businesses stay connected and productive when the primary connection is lost.

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The Business Impact of Network Downtime

decrease productivity
Decreased Productivity

Without a reliable connection, employee productivity suffers along with business operations.

Cost of network failure
Lost Revenue

Unplanned network outages can cost an average of $5,600 per minute, causing loss in potential revenue when POS and critical communications systems are down.

wireless connectivity
Customer Dissatisfaction

Loss of connection can lead to poor customer experience, damaging sales as well as brand equity.

Failover Services

Failover Services Provide Seamless Wireless Connectivity to Keep Businesses Operational.

Our routers immediately recognize network failures and automatically switch to our reliable 4G LTE network, enabling businesses to remain connected. This minimizes disruptions and downtime.

Receive instant notifications when failover services are active. So you can continuously monitor to ensure connectivity remains active .Monitor wireless usage with alerts to control costs.When the failure is over, devices and connectivity are automatically switched back to their primary internet connection without disruption.

Simplify Failover Services and Maximize Profitability

Custom Data Plans
Customizable Data Plans

Zero Usage or unlimited failover data plans offer flexible connectivity options for all solutions, industries, and devices.

wireless connectivity
Seamless Internet Connectivity

Connectivity is automatically switched to a 4G LTE network during an outage, eliminating downtime and disruption.

lowest connectivity rates
Lowest Connectivity Rates

Choice IoT offers the lowest wireless connectivity rates with failover plans designed to minimize costs during an outage.

business continuity


Prevent a potential loss in connectivity caused by network or hardware failures to maintain essential functions during and after the outage.

Failover Services. Ensure business continuity with our failover services.