As the internet of things (IoT) becomes a central feature of our lives, more and more companies are finding that they must adapt their business models to this reality or be completely sidelined. Companies are relying on the internet to connect with customers, market their products, execute transactions and in the case of digital products like books, music, and software, even deliver the actual product to the client. As a result, companies need to develop the right strategies and be ready to take advantage of the opportunities presented by IoT.

What is IoT Strategy and Readiness?

IoT strategy and readiness refers to the foundation that an organization sets in order to determine how specific business goals are going to be achieved through IoT. To be effective, IoT strategies must be ambitious and realistic in order to help the company get out of its comfort zone but remain within a practical realm. IoT is expected to drive the design and manufacturing of consumer products and will, in a sense, set the standards for all organizations seeking to meet the needs of their customers. Companies will need to assess their internal capabilities as a first step to setting the foundation for an IoT strategy.

What are the Benefits ?

There are numerous benefits to having an IoT strategy and being prepared for this new reality. One of those benefits is the fact that an organization can better harness the benefits of IoT. Organizations need to align themselves and be able to have the right internal and external support infrastructure to harness the fruits of IoT. This means planning ahead and putting the required resources in place.

Common Applications of IoT Strategy and Readiness

To be effective any organization needs to ensure that they have the following in place:

  • Proper alignment: This means adjusting products, messaging and branding to fit what the clients are looking for. You also need to ensure that there is a clear strategy on how to monetize IoT.
  • The right data: The right data means being able to identify your target market and understanding their spending habits, their social patterns and much more. Fortunately, social media platforms allow for very specific targeting of various demographic groups.

These steps can only be taken after a company looks at its internal IoT expertise and understands where it is at in terms of existing technology partnerships. This self-audit is critical for setting realistic goals as far as IoT strategy is concerned.

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