Mobile Internet Plans & Data

Mobile Internet & Data allows users to connect to the internet over a wireless network

The difference between IoT , M2M and Mobile Internet Data  plans is the data allowance and speed. M2M and Mobile Internet data plans are used for solutions that require a higher allowance of data, typically 500 MB or greater. Examples are solutions that need wireless internet services, wireless hot spots, internet on the go and mobile broadband.

These device applications include tablets, smartphones, mobile PCs, mobile hot spots, ELD solutions in transportation, remote video monitoring solutions and other devices that require a higher data allowance over a wireless connection.

All types of industries are utilizing high speed data to keep their employees connected including Insurance, Healthcare, Transportation, Security, Hospitality, Wire Line Broadband Fail Over, Retail and many more.

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Choice IoT offers flexible wireless connectivity and management services that help IOT Solution Providers succeed in growing their business. Our award-winning IoT Platform CAMP™ has been voted the easiest to use in the industry.