Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless Plans

Fixed wireless plans are the perfect fit to many Solution use cases such as Primary Internet, Guest Wi-Fi, Video Security, AI, Failover/Secondary connections and more.

  • Custom Plans: Get the best  rates that match your use case and increase your margins. Unlimited 5G Wireless Plans available.
  • Leader in 5G – Access America’s largest 5G network on Verizon, AT&T and TMobile in one platform. Having all carriers helps fill coverage gaps and gives the solution provider  more pricing options.
  • Experts at your service – a dedicated team that understands your business and is ready to solve your needs

You can further enhance your experience with our CAMP Connectivity and Management platform that provides:

  • Simplified Deployments with Instant Error Free Activations.
  • Custom Rate Plans.
  • Simple but powerful device IoT management tools.
  • Subscriber and Group names to help effectively manage your user base.
  • Integrated notes to help keep information in one place.
  • Real Time Usage Alerts to trouble shoot & help control costs. No more surprise overages.
  • Simplified ticketing process – Make changes and get support for technical issues instantly with our IoT system management.
  • Intuitive Troubleshooting tools that reduce downtime / increase customer satisfaction.
  • Device Query /Network Query to troubleshoot.
  • Remote Network Reset to resolve most connectivity issues.
  • Device Change Lock to prevent theft of services.
  • Manage your connectivity from Desktop or Mobile Phone.
  • API Integration: Extend all the benefits of the CAMP platform to yours.

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