Monthly Newsletter – August 2021

Modern Fleet Management offers an incredible array of tools for vehicle maintenance, cost controls, route optimization, regulatory compliance, and operator safety. The key to all of this is real-time access that only comes from wireless connectivity. With the award-winning CAMP platform from Choice IoT, Fleet solution providers quickly and easily connect, configure, and optimize their devices on the nation’s largest and fastest 5G network. Additionally, CAMP’s wireless connectivity provides opportunities for remote device updates, remote troubleshooting, as well as analyzing fleet status and vehicle location.

Our award-winning CAMP™ platform delivers improved efficiency, reduced costs with customized plans that fit your use case, custom alerts, granular usage details…along with optional secure Private APN and API links into CAMP via our Datalink by Choice service.

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All the major carriers in the USA are in the process of shutting down both their 2G and 3G networks, in order to reallocate the spectrum to exciting new technologies such as 5G…

Choice’s IoT Solution Consultants can guide your team and help ease the burden of the migration process, including assistance with device and module selection, carrier, and PTCRB certification.

Check this video out for more information: 3G Shutdown – Let Choice IoT make it easy!

A 5G Build Update! And a Look Toward the Future of 5G

Four years ago, when we announced plans to launch 5G using low-band 600 MHz spectrum, there were more than a few people who thought we were crazy. Back then Verizon and AT&T had created the belief that 5G only required mmWave spectrum. Fast forward to just last month when we announced that Extended Range 5G, built on 600 MHz, covered 300 million people! 5G in low- and mid-band frequencies is now the global standard, and whilst mmWave 5G is an important source of the spectrum and 5G capability, it is mainly looked to for venue-specific use cases. In wireless, we all know that coverage is key. Provide massive 5G coverage, add speed and capacity nationwide, and THAT is what unlocks the power of 5G for all. For rural America, to tackle the digital divide, for the innovators and entrepreneurs who will invent the future – all of them require both coverage and speed.

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