Monthly Newsletter – March 2021

Choice IoT will be releasing our Private APN service in Q2!!!

 Do you have a need for a Private IP Solution? Do you require a more secure connection for your customers?
Private APN by Choice IoT provides you with:

Dedicated IP address ranges

  • VPC connections
  • Simplified Setup
  • Secure and private connection for your solutions

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Our CAMP Platform has been built to provide our Partners with the easiest, fastest and most comprehensive set of troubleshooting tools available. Eliminate costly truck rolls and support time with these quick and easy troubleshooting steps!

  • Navigate to the Outage Notifications page to verify there are no network-related issues potentially impacting your device
  • Usage: Check real time usage, know immediately if your device is transmitting data
  • From the BAN Subscriber Report, click on the blue “I” button next to each mobile number to launch IoT Insight, and verify the device’s provisioning, device type, frequency bands supported, technologies supported, know if the sim is in the proper device immediately.
  • Network Reset:  Click the “R” Button next to the mobile number, and force the devices to re-establish connectivity to the cellular network.

CAMP allows you the flexibility to follow these steps 24/7 from any internet browser anywhere.

Get your customers back up and running quickly with the simplicity of CAMP!

Are you looking at create the next great IoT Solution? Do you have an outdated solution on 2G/3G Technology that needs to be refreshed?

Choice IoT can help answer questions and guide you through the device certification process:

  1. Will your device require PTCRB Certification? If so how do you go about it?
  2. What are the usage requirements? How much data will be used? What technology should I select?
  3. Is there a specific Chipset I should use?
  4. How do I get carrier certification? Is it required?

These are just some of the questions that may be answered, and making the wrong decision can cost you time in getting your solution deployed. Choice IoT has the expertise that can help guide you and keep you moving forward and get your solution to market quickly. Let us help you!

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Using 5G to Transform Farming and Improve Food Resiliency

Farming is the most important job on our planet, and it is an industry with massive potential for generating and using raw data. Yet few industries have been as limited by data connectivity. With 5G, that is changing. All around the world farmers are embracing wireless technology, finding better ways to feed and sustain the planet.

We are working to help fuel this innovation, and today we announced a collaboration between Snohomish County, the 5G Open Innovation Lab and our partners to create a state-of-the-art agriculture technology field lab at two farms in rural Washington. It is called the Food Resiliency Project and it is funded by the CARES Act with the goal to bring together farmers, distributors, and technology companies to transform  the agriculture industry and improve food resiliency.