Monthly Newsletter – May 2021

CAMP Mobile: No Limits


Having Flexibility in operating your business is important. CAMP gives you full control of your business whenever and wherever by providing full capabilities from your mobile browser.
No more restrictions on when or where you can manage your solution.

  • Immediate Activations
  • Real-Time rate plan changes
  • Improved Troubleshooting with Network Reset and IoT Insight
  • File Tickets such as Suspend, Sim Swap, technical support, and more
  • Full API Integration

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Choice IoT’s Private APN is now available!


Do you have a need for a Private IP Solution?
Do you require a more secure connection for your customers?
Private APN by Choice IoT provides you with:

  • VPC connections
  • Dedicated IP address ranges
  • Simplified Setup
  • Secure end-to-end private connection for your solutions

Private APN (Access Point Name) is a point of entry onto an IP network for a mobile device. Choice IoT’s Private APN enables your devices to connect to your corporate network simply and securely.

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T‑Mobile 5G is Fastest and Most Available

According to Millions of Real Customer

Experiences Analyzed by Opensignal

5G built faster, larger, and more reliable. Yet another independent report finds T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) is delivering a better 5G experience to customers. New independent data from Opensignal, based on real-world customer usage from millions of device measurements, shows T-Mobile customers get the fastest 5G download speeds, fastest 5G upload speeds, and a 5G signal more often than anyone else. And T-Mobile 5G download speeds jumped a whopping 23% while others stayed virtually unchanged since the beginning of the year.

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Partner Spotlight

SnapDial’s Hosted VoIP is the e3asiest and most affordable option for your business phone system. SnapDial’s cloud VoIP service helps organizations simplify how they manage their phone and conferencing setup.

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