Asiatelco Technologies, Inc. (ATEL) is a leading provider of wireless terminal products to their value customers worldwide. Their innovative products and solutions are widely used for reliable broadband access, IoT applications and voice communications.

ATEL’s sales and marketing are globally positioned. Since its inception in 2003, ATEL has been growing steadily with sales coverage in over 50 countries. They’ve built a strong, effective and efficient team in R&D and manufacturing. Their performance, quality, flexibility, on-time delivery and lower costs are not only reliable, but essential factors in the success of ATEL.

Key Benefits:

  • Competitive Product Specs while supporting white labeled and ATEL branded products.
  • Over 100 Million Devices Shipped Worldwide
  • Factory Flexibility with factories in China, Poland, Vietnam and Indonesia.
  • Award Winning Team with a Dedicated R&D Institute
  • 200+ Collective Years of Management in Building Connected Products

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