BEC Technologies

BEC Technologies is driving transformation across industries, business models, and experiences with the power of our 4G and 5G Wireless WAN connectivity solutions. Trusted and widely deployed by global organizations, our cutting-edge technology fuels a new era of growth and opportunity.

We bring 50 years of expertise in designing solutions for various sectors, including Enterprise, Retail, Education, Healthcare, Industrial, Transportation, Energy, and Smart Cities. Thanks to our broad product portfolio, BEC’s clients have the ultimate flexibility in selecting the most suitable solution for each project. As a result, customers can trust that our solutions deliver high-performance, reliable, and secure connectivity whenever and wherever for a variety of applications and use cases.

Why BEC:

  • Founded in 1973, publicly listed (TSE #3027: Billion), Market CAP: USB $280 Million
  • Market Leadership: #1 (80%) LTE Fixed Wireless North America | Top 3 WWAN Enterprise
  • Versatile and cost-effective platforms offering Global FDD and TDD spectrum support for commercial or private network connectivity.
  • High-volume manufacturing capacity for contract manufacturing, OEM and ODM (concept to design)
  • Technical Expertise and Support, We engage customers at every stage of the sales process, pre-sales, training and post-sales.
  • BECentral® CloudEdge, our intelligent cloud platform with built-in analytics, service enablement, network visibility, and full lifecycle management

Headquartered in Richardson, TX, BEC Technologies is the North American subsidiary of 50-year industry pioneer Billion Electric Co. Ltd (TSE #3027: Billion) and leads the Information Communications and Telecommunications (ICT) Division. To learn more about BEC Technologies’ products and services, visit or contact Sales: