Team Connect SpotlightIf you are looking for a reliable solution that allows you to track workers’ locations in near real-time, you have come to the right place. Utilizing nationwide push-to-talk over cellular technology, TeamConnect is one of the best platforms to solve all your communication needs. In addition to delivering live status updates, TeamConnect allows users to track worker performance, improve job productivity, and reach key personnel when and where you need to. In this post, you will learn more about TeamConnect’s proprietary Push-to-Talk application and how they offer sound workforce management and GPS tracking solutions through the 4G LTE (Long-Term Evolution) standard.

Understanding Push-to-Talk (PTT) Services

PTT is typically employed in wireless cellular phone services. By pressing a button, users can switch their devices from voice transmission to voice reception mode. In half duplex mode, only one party can speak at one time. When a user switches to full duplex mode, both parties can hear each other simultaneously. Oftentimes, multiple parties can be included into the conversation when PTT is enabled.

Today, nearly all major wireless carriers are rolling out PTT as a service. The newer versions of this technology are based on 2.5G or 3G packet-switched networks, with Real-time Transport Protocols (RTP) and Session Initiation Protocols (SIP) in place. Although current standards only allow users to communicate with other parties within proprietary cell phone networks, interoperability between handsets on differing carriers will be possible in the near future.

What are the Key Features of TeamConnect℠?

Below is a list of TeamConnect’s main features:

  • TimeCard: Clock-in and clock-out digitally.
  • GPS Tracking: Assign jobs to the nearest available drivers.
  • Main Dashboard: Enable full workforce transparency on a single screen.
  • Priority Communications: Respond to urgent needs quickly.
  • Voice Documentation: Track activity status, completion, and location.
  • Route Data Review: Reduce overtime and boost route efficiency.
  • Location History: Provide an updated snapshot of the mobile workforce (refreshes every 6-8 minutes).
  • Detailed Message Report: Record all communication details including the sender, subject, time sent, data, status, and GPS position.

Why Should You Use TeamConnect℠?

Companies should consider using TeamConnect if they want to simplify the process of creating and managing activity reports. The platform can collect and record raw information before automatically formatting the data into spreadsheets. With these documents being organized for you, measuring and improving productivity among dispatchers and mobile workers will be a breeze.

TeamConnect’s GPS tracking solutions come with awesome features such as Geofence Alerts and Breadcrumb Trails. For example, the former allows business owners to monitor driver behavior at key locations to boost customer retention. Additionally, drivers no longer need to personally check-in or out of locations thanks to the automated alerts. With these enhanced GPS location tracking options, companies can maximize workloads, improve route efficiency, and reduce overtime.

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that TeamConnect can be integrated with Android tablets, smartphones, Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) radios and desktop computers. Since this proprietary solution is cloud-based and operates via a reliable 4G LTE connection, companies can reduce or even prevent bottlenecks in communication between their mobile workforce and office personnel.

Choose Choice IoT for Top-Notch TeamConnect℠ Solutions

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