IoT Data Plans

Choice IoT offers the lowest wireless rates on IoT Data Plans in the industry. 

IoT Wireless, IoT Cellular and IoT Mobile all refer to delivering voice and data over a wireless network from a wireless provider. Wireless  IoT Data Plans fit well in many use cases such as connected cars, fleet management ,transportation, healthcare industrial healthcare, remote monitoring,, smart cities and other industries. Machine-to-machine (M2M) activity may soon make up the bulk of wireless gadgets on a network. Cisco’s forecast indicates that IoT/M2M devices will account for 51% of all networked devices by 2022, with most of them connecting to a network wirelessly. Solution providers can gain a substantial competitive edge by driving down their connectivity costs.  Launch your solutions on T-Mobile the fastest 4G LTE and 5G network in the industry. We provide the lowest cost IoT Sim Cards and volume discounts.

Choose from one of our published plans , or work with your Choice IoT Consultant to customize a plan that best suits your needs as a Solution Provider or IoT Reseller. We offer discounts with volume commitments. Integrate your IoT solutions with our free IoT Connectivity & Management Platform. to gain total control and visibility over your devices.

Discounts with volume commitment on IoT Data Plans . Pooling plans available.

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Simplified IOT Data Plans
Monthly Charge Data Included Overage Data
$1.75 1 MB Data : 4 cents/MB
Voice : 5 cents/min
Text : 2 cents/text
$2.00 10MB
$2.50 25MB
$3.00 50MB
$3.50 100MB
$4.50 150MB
$5.50 250MB
$7.50 500MB
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Best High Speed, High Usage IOT Data Plans
Monthly Charge Data Included
Call For Pricing 1 GB & UP Volume Discounts Available.
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Also Available: CAT-M and NBIoT Plans.

Fixed Cost IoT  Plans
Monthly Charge Data Included Overage
$3.00/month Unlimited Data @ 64kbps

No Voice or Text Available


IoT Data Plans: Credit approval or Prepayment required, taxes not included. On-network usage billed by “bytes”, there is no rounding. Off-network usage billed by “kilobytes”, every session will be rounded up to the next Kilobyte. SMS & Voice not included in IoT Data Plans. Domestic IoT Plans: Data allowance includes United States and Domestic data roaming. SMS & Voice not included in Domestic IoT Plans. North American IoT Plans: Data allowance includes United States, Canada, and Mexico. International IoT Plans: Data allowance includes International data roaming in over 210 countries. Submit a contact form for additional plan details and information.