T-Mobile LogoT-Mobile has finished first again in the 2019 US Wireless Customer Care performance study. The report puts T-Mobile at the top with a score of 847 out of a possible 1000 points. This win by T-Mobile is the 18th time the network has finished on top in this particular survey, showing that the company has a robust and efficient customer service system.

What is the JD Power Customer Care Report?

The JD Power Customer Care Report is an insightful report that looks at customer experiences across different industries. In the case of the mobile phone industry, this report looks at how customers perceive their interaction with their mobile network providers and grades that experience in order to rank the companies. Apart from the useful data and analytics that decision-makers get from the report, it also allows the company to see how effective their customer service is. The fact that these are customers ranking these companies based on their own experiences makes the report a powerful testament to how well various brands connect with their clients.

For this particular report, the survey looked at a total of 12,000 clients who had spoken to their carrier’s customer service reps within three months of the survey. The definition of contact in this survey included in-store conversations, phone, email and other channels that the carriers adopt to connect with clients.

How did the Companies Perform?

In the US mobile phone industry, Verizon came second after T-Mobile with a total of 824 points out of a possible 1000. AT&T and Sprint finished third and fourth respectively. Among pre-paid carriers, Metro (which is owned by T-Mobile) was second with a total of 822 points while Cricket topped this category with a total of 829 points.

Commenting on the results, the CEO of T-Mobile Mr. John Legere said that the results where a demonstration of T-Mobiles obsession with customer satisfaction that is inherent throughout the organization. The CEO pointed out that numbers don’t lie and getting validation from the report showed that they were doing something right at T-Mobile. Mr. Legere indicated that T-Mobile would continue to deliver to their customers excellent service and would keep finding ways to make their customer’s experience even better.

What Does This Mean for T-Mobile?

By being ranked as the top in customer service among US mobile carriers, T-Mobile has proven that it is setting the standards when it comes to offering quality service. The network is already ranked as having the fastest download speeds among mobile phone carriers and this latest feather in the cap will simply consolidate T-Mobile’s position at the head of the pack. The company is also at the fore in rolling out 5G and is expected to take the lead in this area in the coming months.

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