T-Mobile5G is the future of wireless connectivity and many companies are working to prepare for this reality. At the forefront of this is T-Mobile that is looking to launch its 5G network soon. The mobile carrier has been working non-stop to prepare its infrastructure to handle the extra demands that this game-changing technology will bring. As part of this preparation, the company achieved a major milestone by completing its first end-to-end 5G data session in the US. This major step was done at T-Mobile’s laboratory in Bellevue. The company worked with Cisco, MediaTek, Nokia, and Ericsson in this experiment.

What is 5G?

5G or fifth-generation wireless connectivity is the next level of cellular technology. This particular phase will greatly increase the speed of wireless networks, with some estimates putting these speeds at 20Gbps. This new level of cellular technology is also expected to reduce latency to as much as 1ms for real-time data transmission.

5G comes with another advantage in that networks can use ‘slices’ of their overall 5G broadband capacity for dedicated uses. A good example is the autonomous-driving car industry that is expected to get a boost when 5G rolls out. These cars require high-speed data transmission and low latency internet connections in order to be able to function seamlessly. Having a dedicated 5G network that is solely for these vehicles will make that a reality. It means that these cars need not be affected when other ‘slices’ of the network are slowed down due to heavy traffic. Carriers can dedicate slices of the 5G network to critical industries and leave the rest of the network to non-critical areas such as personal communication.


5G is expected to be rolled out in phases over several years. Carriers and mobile phone manufacturers are working on devices that will be able to handle 5G when it comes out. Such devices can either be stand-alone (such as the one tested successfully by T-Mobile) or can work with both 5G and LTE (4G). Standalone devices offer the promise of higher speeds. T-Mobile is looking to roll out its 5G network beginning in 2020.

What Will Change?

5G has been described as a game-changer and for good reason. The massive speeds that it will bring will make many things that seem like science fiction now possible. For example, we mentioned autonomous cars that will rely on 5G networks to operate. The gaming industry will also be revolutionized by virtual reality which will now be possible with 5G. Games are expected to become more and more realistic with gamers completely immersed into their gaming world. The technology will also have massive implications for businesses by improving the flow and quality of information as well as disparate areas such as medicine and education.

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